Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new computer + an update

I'm baaaack!!! Roger set up my new computer tonight. It is wonderful to be among the internet surfers again!

Update on Miles:

Miles began crying as soon as we pulled up to the hospital. It's not that he recognizes the hospital, but he knew we were there for him. Roger dropped us off and I made my way to admissions while he found a place to park. Miles cried through the lobby and I could see the fear in his face as we entered the admissions office. We were quickly called back to an office for paperwork to be completed and Miles became unglued. I was done! I couldn't hold back the tears anymore, so I sat there with Miles on my lap and we were both sobbing. Very sad! Roger walked in and asked what was wrong. I felt so bad for Miles. It is so hard to see him so scared.

We were taken to the 8th floor for his tests. He was very unsettled and I asked if they could give him a nasal mist to help him calm down. The anesthesiologist didn't want to use that because it would make him sleep longer. I thought sleep would be a good thing for Miles! They put his IV in while he and I both cried. The nurses kept asking me if I was okay. :-) I was okay, but I felt so nervous for how Miles was feeling and I am quite hormonal right now! They let me carry him back to the procedure room while they gave an injection through his IV to put him to sleep. They warned me that he would go limp very fast! He did!!! The procedure was over about 20 minutes after that!

The doctor took pictures for us and we are waiting on the results of the biopsies. He let us know that he also biopsied for lactose intolerance, so I look forward to getting the results back. As far as the appearance of his esophagus, and stomach, and intestines...everything looks good and normal. We also received the results from the Impedance Study (testing for acid and non-acid reflux) and it was normal, as well, so there are no signs of reflux.

The question now is...where do we go from here? We know Miles still had reflux as of a few months ago, and we are grateful that there is no damage to anything inside. To be honest, we were hoping the doctor would find something. It's not that we really want anything to be wrong with Miles, but we were looking for answers for why Miles has always been so miserable. I'm glad everything seems to be fine, but I am disappointed that we didn't find a way to help him. We were hoping we could just change his medication and have a happy boy.

We will receive the biopsy results next week, and then Miles goes to an allergist in a few weeks.
Please pray for wisdom for Roger and I. We are trying to deal with some of Miles' behavior, but he is so different than our other kids, so this is a new journey. I think having a new baby is going to be really difficult on Miles, and therefore, on our entire family. We have a few books we will be reading to glean some advice, but we would really appreciate your prayers.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

One last post

I'm still here, but my computer is nearly dead. I'm grieving...seriously! My dear, sweet, wonderful husband has ordered a new computer for me, which should arrive next week! But for now I do not have access to the internet, nor anything else except email...and I get that most of the time. I feel lost without the internet! Sad, isn't it? I will post about Christmas after I get my new computer and look forward to adding some pictures!

This will be my last post until after I get my new computer, so I wanted to ask you again to pray for Miles. I took him off his reflux medication Tuesday for the procedures he will have done Monday and Tuesday at the Children's hospital. He has had a very unhappy week. He is sleeping better at night than he ever has when we have reduced his medication, but I hear him coughing and choking a little every now and then. I don't know if he is getting a cold, or if he is refluxing.

I'm not concerned about the procedures, but I know this will be a difficult time for Miles because of his sensory issues. Would you please pray for peace and comfort for Miles, and for clear answers for the doctors? Please pray for me, too! It's so hard to see Miles when he is so scared of everything around him. Roger will be with me during Miles' procedure, so I am grateful for that. I will be having Ian 5 weeks from this week, so please pray for rest for me, too.

I'll update as soon as I can. Thank you so much for praying.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Can you help?

Please click on the Donate button on Dasha's blog to help!
Grab This Button

Every so often a family hits a snag in their adoption. Often times it's during the paperwork process and they can't continue on. Usually there are finances involved. Sometimes that is mixed with an unexpected blessing like a pregnancy. For the Newbold family, their story is a little different.

Not so long ago Heaven's doors opened to their sweet daughter, Chloe, and she left the pain and difficulty of the Leukemia she was fighting. Little Chloe was around 2 years old and had Down syndrome. She was an only child. Now her parents are fighting another fight- not one with illness, but one with the possible loss of another 2 year old daughter.

A few months ago the Newbolds went to complete their adoption of two sweet little ones with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe and their younger child, Dasha, was not yet registered for the right amount of time to complete her adoption. This turned her adoption from a "two at once" into two completely separate adoptions. FOUR trips to Ukraine. Thousands more in airfare. The light in all of this was that they were told by their facilitator that they would still only be charged the amount of money it would have cost if it had been done in one trip. What a blessing!

Unfortunately, their facilitator recently reevaluated and found that there was no way she could complete an adoption for that amount and even with an extra $2,000 she would just barely scrape by and would be working for free herself. Now the Newbolds are in Ukraine to get their sweet Dasha and their court date won't be held until after Jan 12th (because of the orthodox Christmas they celebrate in January). They are having to add yet ANOTHER trip to get her because they aren't comfortable leaving their other newly adopted child for that length of time to stay until then.

Now, the reason I write to you all is to let you know of the family, the need, and to petition your hearts that if you have a desire to help get little Dasha home to her parents you now have a means to do so. Click the button at the top of this post and it will bring you to their blog where you'll find their Paypal link as well as the info about their family.

This family already lost their first 2 yr old little girl and the feeling that they may lose their second just due to finances is daunting. PLEASE KEEP THIS FAMILY AND THEIR SITUATION IN PRAYER EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN A PLACE TO CONTRIBUTE FINANCIALLY RIGHT NOW. REMEMBER, THOUGH, THAT EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

Thanks, I don't come out with pleas for help very often. This one really needs it though.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I finished wrapping all of the Christmas presents yesterday, so the kids woke up this morning to find presents under the tree. They were so excited! Franklin asked me if Christmas was today.

We have had a busy week! Monday and Tuesday evenings were free, so I was really looking forward to watching the Biggest Loser. It's about the only show I watch right now. I was not disappointed! I was happy with the person who won because she was nice throughout the competition...which is not what I can say about a few of the other women! Wednesday we had AWANA store night, and a birthday party for Jesus. It struck me this week...we don't do the Santa thing, but I knew of a church in town who was doing a "breakfast with Santa" and then I wondered...why don't people get their picture taken in a live nativity rather than with Santa? Just a thought! Thursday evening we hired one of our favorite babysitters, so Roger and I could go to a Christmas Party. Friday night Ari and Franklin had bell choir practice. And today I took Lauren and Miles with me to Walmart (I know!!! Crazy thought! But it really wasn't as crazy as I expected.), came home, gave Franklin and Ari haircuts, fixed lunch, gave everyone a bath, put the two little guys in bed for a nap, made jello salad and macaroni and cheese, woke the two little guys up, got everyone dressed and left for Roger's family Christmas party. It was a fun evening!
Tomorrow we have church, I will be singing tomorrow evening at church if I can stop coughing, then we have another babysitter coming tomorrow evening, so Roger and I can stop by another Christmas party. We don't hire babysitters very often, so it is odd for the kids to have another babysitter so soon. They will be excited though!

We are going to take a break from school for the next week. We'll do a couple of things in our curriculum since I will be gone the following Monday and Tuesday with Miles, but for the most part we are going to have a "fun learning" week. We'll bake and do crafts, and go to the park, and run around outside. I have an OB appointment Wednesday. And then, of course, it's Christmas!!!

I may not be able to post much this week. Our computer is dying quickly! I can't stay on very long because the fan doesn't seem to be working, so we are afraid it is going to burn up. We may have a new computer by the end of the week! I hope you enjoy your week...and have fun with your kids!!! Remind them daily why we celebrate Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An update on Miles

I took Miles to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist this morning. We left at 7:30 this morning and got there at 8:35. They wanted us there early to make sure all of the paperwork was filled out correctly, but his appointment was at 9:00. We didn't get out until about 11:00. Whew! That was a long time, although the entire staff was very kind and compassionate. They seemed to understand how to deal with a child with sensory issues, so they were very patient with every little thing they needed to do, and Miles did wonderful! I took some new, little toys, so that helped take his mind off of the stress of being in a new doctor's office.

Miles had surgery when he was 5 weeks old for Pyloric Stenosis. This condition occurs when the muscle that contracts causing your food to go from your stomach into your intestine becomes enlarged, and therefore, no food can pass through your body, so everything is vomited back up. We were told that the surgery should cure his reflux, too, but the doctor told us today that Pyloric Stenosis and reflux are two different things, so the surgery shouldn't be expected to cure the problem with reflux. A lot of infants have reflux and it doesn't seem to affect them. For the first six months Miles had breathing problems and sleep apnea and both were associated with reflux. He turned two in September, we cut his dose of Zantac in half, but he began immediately waking in the night and during naps, so we knew we had to increase his dosage to the normal amount. This was his first time to see a Ped. Gastro doctor, and I wish we had done it sooner.

Miles will be admitted to the Children's Hospital December 29th for an upper endoscopy where they will take a scope and look at his esophagus and stomach, taking small biopsies to see what is happening on the inside. While he is asleep they will insert a tube through his nose, and down his throat and then halfway into his esophagus that will monitor the acid in his esophagus. This tube will need to remain in place for 24 hours, so we will be spending the night. As much as I want to know if something more is wrong with Miles, so we can help kills me to think of what he will go through in those few days. He already has sensory issues, so this will be a BIG deal to him and very difficult for him to handle. It's kind of difficult for his very-pregnant mommy to handle, too! It breaks my heart. I know it could be much worse, and I am grateful that it appears his medication has probably protected him pretty well. Please pray for Miles!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I cannot find the Brach's chewy peppermint candies! What's up with that?! I couldn't find them at Walmart yesterday, didn't see them at Target, and forgot to look at the grocery store. This may be my first Christmas without the enjoyment of one of my favorite pasttimes...eating chewy peppermint Christmas tree candy!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A busy day

The day started like any other. Get up, shower, get ready for the day, eat breakfast, do morning jobs (the kids have jobs they do each morning, ie brush teeth, empty trash cans, make beds, etc), start school...We finished with school around 11:00, which is much earlier than normal, so we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather. We were playing outside when Roger's mom called and asked if she could take us to McDonald's. She had asked on Wednesday, but I was too nauseous to handle the task. So, we met at "Old McDonald's" (that's what the kids keep calling it), had lunch, let the kids play, got to see a friend who showed up unexpectedly (so happy to see you *S*!), and then we were out the door. Right after Grandma called this morning another friend called and asked if Franklin could come play with her little boy this afternoon. Lauren loves to play with her little girls, so I asked if Lauren could come, too. I felt kind of bad for asking, but Lauren is usually more of a help than a hindrance. After McDonald's I dropped off Lauren and Franklin to play for the afternoon and brought the other two boys home for a nap. That didn't last very long. I laid down on the sofa while the boys were sleeping and dozed off just in time for the phone to ring. It was a sales call! Bummer! Ari was awake soon after that and then Miles woke up, too. Still, I had a few minutes to lay down and rest. I picked up Lauren and Franklin and hurried home to meet our two little guests we would be watching for the evening. We greeted our guests, ate dinner, turned on a movie and played until the little ones were picked up at 8:30. I was so glad Roger was here to help me tonight. I could not have done it on my own.
I am ready to rest!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have you ever tried...

Edy's Special Edition Peppermint ice cream??? It is sold in stores every year in December and I have been hooked for years. I look forward to December for so many reasons:
1) Christmas! It is always a joy to celebrate the birth of my Savior!
2) Peppermint ice cream
3) Egg nog
4) Christmas tree peppermint chewy candy (Brach's?)

The ice cream felt really good on my sore throat tonight. Ari is my Egg nog buddy!
I love the weather in December, too!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas shopping

Roger is at Target right now and then going to Walmart as I type this. HE is doing the Christmas shopping!!! I don't think this has ever been done before! Of course, I told him what to get...well, sort of. We discussed it, but I pretty much knew what I wanted to get for the kids. As he left the house I thought, "I better grab the phone because I know he is going to call." Yep! I just got off the phone with him! He's so great! We aren't spending much, and the kids are getting three things each, so it's pretty easy. We still don't know what to get for our parents and siblings, but we'll figure out something that is small and inexpensive. We are spending very little on everyone this year. I already got my gift! I was able to donate money to Reece's Rainbow to an orphan I pray for every day. This money will go toward his adoption grant, so whoever chooses to adopt him will have the money to use for his adoption. I'll post more about Reece's Rainbow soon, but if you want a little bit of extra information now you can click on the button over to the right that says "Reece's Rainbow."

I find it very hard to let Roger do the shopping. I enjoy buying things for the kids! Still, I don't feel well, and today has been a bad nausea day, and I have a cold on top of that, so I am thankful that he is willing to brave the madness of Christmas shoppers!!! Have I told you how wonderful he is???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Record breaker

I really have no idea how this happened, but we were done with school by 10:30 this morning!!! Everyone! This never happens! So, I called grandma to see if we could come over for lunch and decided we would go to the library before going to her house. And then I decided to see if Franklin's best friend/cousin could come over and play and his mom decided it was his turn to come to their house (that made Franklin very happy!), and then Lauren felt left out, so she called and asked her grandma if she could spend the afternoon with her. So, here I sit with two little boys in bed taking naps, two other kids off having a wonderful afternoon, and I have time to get something done! So, what should I do? I think I will clean the bathrooms and then read a book I got at the library this morning.

And, I feel better today. I am not quite as nauseous. My throat doesn't hurt as bad, but it has turned into a cough. And for the first time in this pregnancy something actually sounded good to eat...Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's! And yes, I picked them up on the way to grandma's house, but shared them, so I want more!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend update

Saturday: We went to a Christmas Parade. Miles wasn't happy most of the parade. The firetrucks were too loud for him, the horns blowing were too loud, he doesn't like clowns, and this was just not the place for him! The other kids had fun! Roger played music with the bluegrass band after the parade and they were playing longer than expected, so I took the kids home and he got a ride home later.
Saturday evening we hired a babysitter (she's wonderful!) and Roger and I went to a Christmas/reunion party for a company he used to work for. The dinner was catered and was absolutely wonderful!!! We were sent home with leftovers for our entire family. Very nice!
I came home from the party with a headache, sore throat, and pretty bad pregnancy nausea, so I went straight to bed.

Sunday: Roger and I both woke up with sore throats and it got worse throughout the day. Oh no! The kids seems to be fine so far. Our church choir sang a Christmas cantata in the morning service. It was really good! Beautiful music! Lauren sat so well through the entire service. All of the boys were in class. We went back to church for the evening service, came home, put the kids in bed, Roger ate dinner, I tried to think of anything that sounded good to eat, so I ate a pear and a piece of cheese, and off to bed we went.

And now it is Monday morning...I have tons of laundry to do! I didn't do any laundry over the weekend, so I have a lot to do today! I have school planned out for the week, so as soon as I get all of the laundry sorted and started in the washer our school day will begin. I don't feel like doing school! I really don't feel well... Let the day begin!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A family outing

Well, it was nothing terribly exciting, but at least we got out of the house...we went to the grocery store tonight! Oh yeah, all six of us! I was asked twice if Ari and Franklin were twins, which is nothing uncommon. I get asked if the boys are triplets sometimes, too. That seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but I sure have been asked a lot.

Tomorrow night we are going to another family's house for dinner. Roger knows the family, not me, and we are taking all of the kids, so we'll see how it goes.

Miles had OT today and did really well. I wish we could focus more on the issues that are more of a problem now and back off the issues that he has already improved so much on. It always seems so rushed, so I don't feel like I can ask many questions. We just started, so I'm sure we'll get in a groove at some point. We have some homework to do, and I'm not sure how well it will work with Miles, but I hope he enjoys it. I also have some great ideas to do with Miles when we go to his future doctor appointments that will hopefully help him be more relaxed.

And isn't even 8:30, but I am tired. I'm going to go put on my pj's, prop up my gorgeous varicose veins and watch TV. The house is so quiet...shhhhhhh....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time to Decorate!!!

We decorated for Christmas tonight!!! I was really excited about it...until we got started! It was hard decorating with 8 extra little hands! Only one ornament got broken...and that was my fault! After all is said and done...the tree is beautiful! And we are extra blessed because the tree was given to us today...along with jeans for the older two boys, and a bicycle for Ari. Thank you so much *C* family for blessing us! We love our new tree!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What could be better than Disney World?

For my kids...I guess it's Cracker Barrel! They have been begging to go to Cracker Barrel for months and today was finally the day we could go. We had a $25 gift card, so we knew we could manage the bill. Ari asked constantly from the time lunch was over when we could go eat at Cracker Barrel. Well, the bill came to $24.98!!! Amazing! We left a big tip, but that was all we paid for all six of us (plus Ian!) to eat. It was wonderful! It's amazing how much money you can save when everyone drinks water! Drinks add up really fast! The kids were great...everyone ate well...and it was nice to have the time together!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend update

Roger spent all day outside yesterday clearing off more of the property next to us. He has worked really hard and it looks so much better! The kids have had fun helping him drag branches to the curb!

Everyone was well again today, so we all made it to church. I spent the Sunday School hour in the nursery. That's always fun! Roger and I taught Children's Church, which is what we do every Sunday. We really enjoy teaching the kids!

We had a restful, stormy afternoon, and then headed back to church this evening. Ari spent his third service sitting with us instead of going to the nursery. He has done really well every week. We let the kids do quiet activities (draw, color, lacing) during church. Even though they are "busy" they still hear what the pastor says, which amazes me. Franklin looked up at me at one point and said, "That's what I don't get mommy. I find it really hard to believe. I don't really understand how God is only one God, but he is everywhere. " Wow! Smart boy! I explained to him that it is something we believe because the Bible tells us so, but it is hard for me to understand, too!

This week we get back to our normal school schedule. I have the week planned out, so we know what we need to get done each day. It has been nice having a break, but I am ready to get back to the normal routine. If we can steadily continue we will be at a nice breaking point right before I am due to have Ian.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Preggo Pictures...Do NOT tell me I'm huge!!!

29 Weeks and a wonderful new doctor

I had my first appointment with my new doctor today. She is young, nice, personable, informed...and I am very happy! She is planning to induce me when it gets closer to my due date. I'll be getting another sonogram around 35 weeks, and based on the size of the baby, we'll decide when to induce...39 weeks, or around my due date. And, if we induce then we can be sure that my doctor will be the one to deliver little Ian. Miles was quite large, so she would prefer that I not go past my due date. That's fine with me!!! She also discussed the risks to the baby when a pregnancy is allowed to continue past the due date and said, "I'm not willing to take risks when it comes to the life of a baby." Well, good for her! And, good for me! I am so glad I switched doctors!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Big Booties!

Our Wonderful Fall craft

The silly kids found Ian's bottles

Helping Mommy bake

Lauren and Franklin's cafe

No school!!!

We are taking a break from school this week. I have some books about Thanksgiving, a fun craft we'll do today, lots of fun baking, and lots of plain ol' fun!!! I'm excited to have a week off. I'm taking the kids to get their picture taken tomorrow. None of them had a picture after their birthday this year, so I will do everyone at one time. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday. Of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday, and Friday we'll have another fun day on Friday. I'm so excited to spend a lot of "fun time" with my kids this week!!!

This past weekend was relaxing for me. Roger did a lot of work outside and played with the kids outside, so I stayed inside and relaxed. Miles and I went to Walmart Saturday to get groceries for the week. He was such a good boy! Everyone was able to go to church yesterday. We only had 5 kids in Children's church, so attendance was really down.

Have a wonderful week!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Less than 12 weeks to go!

I was 28 weeks pregnant yesterday, so that means I have less than 12 weeks to go! Yikes! I am so excited to see him...and dreading going through labor (I can't have an epidural)...and a little anxious about everything that needs to be done before he gets here!!! Time is going to fly! We have Thanksgiving next week, Christmas next month, Roger's birthday in January and New Years, lots of school to do in-between, and then Ian will be here in February.

I just switched OB doctors. I wasn't real happy with mine, so I decided to finish out the pregnancy with someone else. I'm a little nervous about switching, but I feel good about it, too. I'll see the new doctor next week.

We had a sonogram today!!! It was great to see Ian's little face, and all ten fingers, and all ten toes. He was a little wiggle worm, but the tech was able to get all of the measurements she needed...and he decided to prove he was a little boy over and over. No questions there! We will definitely bring a cute little blue outfit to the hospital.

Lauren is becoming impatient waiting for Ian to get here. She was telling him tonight that he needed to come out.

My belly is certainly getting BIG! I ran into Franklin today (with my belly) and nearly knocked him to the ground! We both laughed so hard...what a great feeling for me to laugh with my son that way?! It was really funny! I'll try to post some pictures of "the baby belly" soon!

I have reverted back to the nausea of early pregnancy! I have lost 2 pounds this week! It has been a constant battle to keep any food down. This morning was tough, but this afternoon was okay. I'm glad I didn't feel as nauseous because I have had a headache since 9:00 this morning, and I was up with Miles from 4-5:30 (?) this morning, so I am extra tired. I don't know what was wrong with Miles. He seemed terrified when he woke up, and wanted out of his
room ...NOW! I brought him to my room for a little while and changed his diaper, but he started crying again when we went back to his room. He finally settled down, and was ready for bed when I laid him down, but he continued waking up crying. Very strange! It must have been a nightmare. I'll be going to bed soon, so hopefully I will lose the headache and feel better tomorrow.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction?

Miles hasn't been "officially" diagnosed with anything and I have said from the beginning that I wasn't looking for a diagnosis...I just wanted to help him. Well, even without an "official" diagnosis I think Sensory Integration Dysfunction may be his problem. I looked it up today after receiving some information from the Children's Center, and I friend of mine (Hi, Angela!) had mentioned it to me recently, as well. The following list is not inclusive of the disorder...there were several other things on the list, as well, but this pretty much sums up the first two years of Miles life. Thankfully, he is much better now!!!

__ Cries and/or arches back when people try to hold him/her (Not a problem now, typically)

__ Distressed by diaper changes (Does NOT like to be wiped)

__ Distressed by baths and/or water splashing on him/her (Doesn't like hair washed)

__Cries excessively throughout the day (more than a half hour or hour at a time) ( it used to be 85% of the day)

__ Doesn't smile often, appears “sad” or “uncomfortable” much of the time (was typically upset)

__ Distressed when moved suddenly or whole body and/or head is tipped (Getting better)

__ Distressed when moving in space (i.e., swinging around, bouncing up and down, or being “thrown” up in the air) (A little better)

__ Can't seem to calm baby down no matter what you try (Still difficult, but better, and likes his blankie)

__ Severe separation anxiety (Getting better)

__ Tantrums many times a day (MILES...big time!!!)

__ Distressed in public places, especially if crowded or noisy (Oh, yeah!!! But getting better!)

__ Cries inconsolably when left with strangers or less familiar people (Still does not like being separated)

__ Difficulties with excessive reflux or allergies to foods and/or formulas (Still has reflux)

__ Sensitive to sounds others don't seem to be bothered by (This is a major one for Miles!)

__ Appears overwhelmed, cries, or falls asleep when over stimulated (Overwhelmed, and cries)

__ You find you are always trying to be one step ahead of baby; trying to control his environment and “warning” people what to do/not to do so baby is comfortable (That's me!)

__ Appears distressed by movement; i.e., a startled response, arches back, frightened look in eyes, etc.

__ Can not switch activities or participate in daily routines without distress when transitioning from one to another (Still somewhat of a problem if HE isn't ready to change, but typical for 2)

Monday, November 17, 2008

A lot accomplished

Not only did I get my blood work done this morning, but I was also able to schedule appointments to the Pediatric Gastroenterologist in Orlando and the Allergist in Melbourne for Miles.

Miles also had his first visit from the Occupational Therapist. It went very well. He wasn't sure about her when she got here, which I was happy about because he showed so few sensory problems during his evaluation, so I wanted her to see some of the problems we have at home. We also played a cd with different noises and then she could really understand why I was concerned. He was so scared with most of the sounds. It's a good thing that she can see where he struggles rather than just taking my word for it, and then she can help him even more.

Even with my long appointment this morning, phone calls this afternoon, and Miles' OT visit...we still finished school! Yeah!!!

Funny things kids say

I went to the library and checked out "Alvin and the Chipmunks" for the kids tonight. Roger is gone, so I thought we would just hang out and watch a movie. The Chipmunks were singing a Christmas song and Lauren and Franklin were arguing over whether the Chipmunks said "cheer" or "tear". I assured Franklin that they were saying "cheer" and he said, "But that doesn't make sense." So, I explained that cheer means happiness. Then he said, "No, I still think it's 'tear.' You know like when you get a present at Christmas and you are just so happy to get it that you have tears." Too funny!

I've also realized how much my kids copy me. I have a habit of saying, "Oh my goodness." Well, Lauren says it all the time now. And tonight in the van Miles said, "Oh my goodness, Mommy." Ari's favorite thing to say right now is "That's awesome!" Well, that's another "Mommy saying."

And one more...
The three older kids were up early this morning and Roger and I laid in bed and listened to them talk. It was quite entertaining! One of Ari's favorite toys right now is the "sit and spin." He rides it every morning! Well, this morning he was squealing because Lauren and Franklin were telling him it was too noisy (I think they've heard that somewhere before!!!) and then Lauren explained in a very gentle and kind voice, "Ari, you need to get off because it makes too much noise this early in the morning and mom and dad are trying to sleep. You see, they really need their rest because they work so hard all day. Okay?" It was so sweet and funny!

I didn't pass out

I got my blood glucose screening done this morning. I was gone for 2.5 hours. My doctor's office didn't fill out the forms correctly and there was some confusion about using part of the blood to test my antibodies, so I can get my Rhogam shot later in the week. Thankfully, there was a very knowledgeable young woman in the lab who helped me through it all, and set up my appointment to get my shot Wednesday morning. She is going to get the shot formulated before I get there, so I should only have to wait for an OB nurse to come give me the shot rather than having to wait for an hour for them to test my blood and then formulate the shot. Now, do I take all of the kids with me? I may have to. That should be interesting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I challenge you...

to make someone feel special this week!

We often bake muffins, or some kind of bread (banana, pumpkin, blueberry) and the kids decide who we will "make feel special."
Ari chose Mrs. Bennett today! She babysits for us sometimes, and is the grandmother to one of my best friend's kids...and the kids absolutely love her! Ari sat in his car seat and held her hand after he gave her the muffins. It was really sweet.
I chose to give another batch of muffins to the Hodges family. The dad of the family was in a very bad car accident this week. He is home and healing, but really he needed to be "special" today!

Not only will this bring joy to the person you choose to serve, but you will feel so special yourself! I challenge you!! And, don't forget to leave me a comment about what you chose to do to "make someone feel special." Have fun!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Like most is very tight for us. God certainly provides in ways that I often do not expect. Here are a few examples:
We need to be able to fit one car seat and two booster seats in the back seat of our van. This is no easy task unless we buy three new seats that are $220 each. This is not an option for us right now. The problem is not fitting three across...we can squeeze them in, but if we squeeze them in then Lauren and Franklin cannot reach through to buckle their seat belts. So, my brilliant husband came up with the idea of getting seat belt extenders. I read online that some dealerships will give extenders for free, so I stopped by our local dealership yesterday. Not only was it very simple to order these, and I was told that they would be ready the next day, but they were FREE! I was so excited! And, I think we have figured out a way to make them now I am even more excited! Praise the Lord for His provision!

We went to CVS yesterday to get flu shots. It was highly recommended that our entire family get them since I am pregnant and Ian will be born during the peak of flu season. Well, Roger was told the incorrect date, so we went back today, which was the correct date. I was bummed that we couldn't get them yesterday because I wanted to get it over. Miles already had his, so Roger and I and the other three kids needed them. We kept our purpose for going to CVS a secret because I didn't want the kids to panic. We got there today, and we were told that they could not give them to kids under the age of 9. I was so frustrated. They were $30 each, but that is better than us paying for all three kids to see the doctor and we would have to pay for the shot, too, which would have added up to A LOT of money. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how we could do this without paying for a doctor's visit. Roger mentioned the Health Department. I drove home, told the kids to stay in the van, called the HD to make sure the kids could get the shots there today, and off we went. The kids were not happy with me! All three received their shots with only a few tears, and when I asked where we should pay I was told they are FREE! Wow! I could not wait to tell Roger! Here I was frustrated that we couldn't get them taken care of at CVS, but God saved us $90!!! Amazing!

We now have another set of bunk beds! We'll need them after Ian is born and we are ready to situate the boys in their respective rooms. Well, they weren't free, but my friend Lynette passed on an email she had received about someone selling bunk beds for $50. They are perfect for us, and we are so pleased to have them. Ironically, Lynette and her husband
gave us our other set of bunk beds we have used for almost 3 years. Once again I am amazed at the provision of God!

When I am going to learn to stop questioning God, and stop trying to do things on my own when God knows what is best???

One short life...a whole lot to learn...


Roger: Staying busy since the election, but not as much as during the campaign. He has numerous people asking him what he will run for next, or offer their help if he runs again for County Commission in four years. We'll see what God has in store for us!

Me (Kerry): 27+2 days pregnant with a healthy little guy. I need to get my blood glucose done next week to check for diabetes ( a normal pregnancy test), and antibodies checked along with getting my Rhogam shot since I am Rh negative. I had a check-up on Wednesday and had only gained a pound in 4 weeks, so I was pleased. According to the doctors office I have gained 10 pounds so far. I still feel nauseous. It isn't as bad as in the beginning, but it is still hanging in there. Yuck! My wrists and hands have begun hurting, so I am now wearing wrist supports. I am getting more varicose veins, so I still wear a stocking on my leg. And I feel really BIG! I will be honest and say that this has been a tough pregnancy. I will have a sonogram next week, so I am really excited to "see" my baby boy!

Lauren: Learning to tell time! That can be a hard concept, but she is doing well. She is also doing well with reading.

Franklin: Boot-less!!! He is out of the boot and soooooo happy! His foot was feeling a little sore tonight, so I will keep an eye on it, and decide if he needs to go back in the boot a little longer.

Ari: Spent the afternoon with Grandma for some special one-on-one time. He was so excited! No nap today, so he is exhausted. Let's just hope Franklin doesn't wake him up too early.

Miles: Starts Occupational Therapy next Monday. He is already doing much better with his sensory issues, and I can only attribute the change to the power of prayer. He actually followed me around when I vacuumed today. I could tell he was a little scared still, but he wasn't terrified like in the past. He is doing much better in most of the ways we were struggling. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just me and my Miles

Miles still has a drippy nose, so Roger took everyone else to church tonight and it was just me and Miles! We played with Legos, I ran him up and down the hallway in his high chair...FAST, we chased each other around, read books, and enjoyed our time together with just the two of us!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

School has been so nice this week. We have stayed on schedule! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy having all four of my kids at the table with me each morning as we go through the books of the Old Testament, read a Proverb, read a Bible story, go through the days of the the week and months, sing the ABC's, and flashcards, and count up to whatever number we are that was 56 (we are working our way to 100!). It's nice to have everyone together, learning together, and singing together.

In other news...
We received an insurance statement a few days ago and I became bothered and perplexed. This statement has to do with Franklin's first visit to the Orthopedic doctor four days after he broke his foot. We took the x-ray with us, the doctor looked at the x-ray (he has never looked at Franklin's actual foot), agreed that it was broken and said they would put him in a boot...and out the door he went. So how much does this cost??? Well, it was $1410 for the "surgical procedure" and $90 for the office visit. So, what was the "surgical procedure?" I called today and they told me it had to do with the broken foot. Well, I figured that part out since that was the reason we were there, but there was no surgical procedure. So, I proceeded to tell the kind lady that all the doctor did was look at his x-ray...that was it. Oh, okay, so that's what the charge was for. Wait a second! Could it really cost $1410 to look at an x-ray??? Well, yes it does! Oh, but there is another benefit...we don't have to pay to see the doctor for the first 90 days if Franklin is in pain. I told her that Franklin had only been back once and wouldn't be back again, so it should not cost us this much. And at this point I began crying! Insurance is killing us!!! We pay over $1000 per month, then we have a $1000 deductible per person before insurance will cover anything. So, expenses from this broken foot have been completely out-of-pocket! Our insurance company negotiated the "surgical procedure" rate to $661.78, which is much better than $1410, but I still cannot see paying $661.78 for a doctor to look at an x-ray. I feel completely ripped off! I was told that the office manager would call me. I will continue arguing about this "surgical procedure" and tell them I will pay for the office visit, but I do not feel that I should be obligated to pay for anything else. This is beyond ridiculous!

I don't know what can be done about insurance. We aren't part of a group plan because Roger is a small business owner, so we are, basically, getting ripped off every month...and every time we see the doctor. We are planning to switch over to an HSA after Ian is born with a really high deductible...and then we'll pray that everyone stays healthy! It isn't the best solution for our family, but it is the only thing we can afford.

And it even gets a little better...we received a letter yesterday informing us that our insurance company will not cover the cost of Occupational Therapy for Miles' sensory issues because they are due to developmental delay. How frustrating?!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Roger and I had a great date Friday evening. Lauren and Franklin had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese. Ari and Miles had a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandaddy, and were sound asleep when we got home. I was ready for bed, too.

Miles woke up with a drippy nose yesterday, so he and I stayed home from church today. Everyone had a fun, relaxing weekend. The weather was beautiful, daddy was able to be home, which hasn't happened on a Saturday in several months, I did some shopping for shoes and clothes the kids needed, and grocery shopping is also done for the week. I took Lauren to get her hair cut yesterday, and then came home, ate dinner, and headed outside to cut Franklin and Ari's hair.
Everyone looks so good! I haven't cut Miles yet, but I need's quite a chore. I need to get everyone's picture taken!

Roger also picked up bunk beds we bought for $50. It wasn't an immediate need, but we'll need them a few months after Ian gets here. They are the white metal kind, with a twin on top and on the bottom. They are sitting in pieces in our garage for now. My next mission is to find mattresses...CHEAP!... and patriotic bedding. Our crib bedding is patriotic, so I thought it would be easiest to stick with that theme. Tommy Hilfiger has some really great bedding, so I am patiently waiting for it to come even more on sale. I'm also watching ebay!

This week we get back to our normal school routine. I have to sit down now and plan out the week. I always plan everything for the week, so I know exactly what we need to do each day, and I feel prepared to begin each morning. I also have to go to the hospital lab and get my blood glucose workup done, and antibodies checked for this pregnancy, and I have an OB appointment. I'll have to go back to the hospital next week for my Rhogam shot. I have to have the blood glucose test done before 28 weeks, but I can't get my Rhogam shot until 28 weeks, but I'm bummed that I can't do it all at the same time.

Franklin is supposed to go back to the doctor for his broken foot this week, but I am going to cancel the appointment. The doctor has never even touched, or looked at his foot. He barely even looks at us. He looks at the computer at the x-ray, says something and walks out. He told me at our last appointment that it was healing well, and he probably wouldn't even do another x-ray, so now I am wondering why we need to go back. We would be paying about $65 for the doctor to tell us we can take the boot off. Get the first appointment with this doctor he never looked us, he only looked at the computer, asked (with his back to us) what happened, and said Franklin would need a boot. Well, we came back later to get the boot because of insurance problems, a nurse put it on and we were done. So, they charged $1410 for a surgical procedure. Maybe you can help me figure this one out...what was the surgical procedure??? You can bet I'll be fighting this one!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Hate" is a strong word

We always tell our kids not to say "hate" because it is such a strong word. We tell them it is okay to hate Satan, but other things we should say we "dislike." Well, I think I am going to break my own rule...
I hate time changes!!! Whether it is "falling back" or "springing forward" it completely stinks!!! My kids are little alarm clocks. Their bodies are programmed! We have kept them up late several nights in a row, but their inner-body-alarms are stuck. So, now instead of getting up at 7:00 every morning they are up at 6:00. This is not a good thing! Lauren and Franklin were up until almost 10:00 last night because of their church activity, and I was actually thankful because I thought it may help them sleep later and get on the "fall back" schedule! No! It didn't! Every one was up by 6:30 this morning...including Miles. So, instead of getting on a new schedule I just have sleep deprived kids! Any suggestions???

Friday, November 7, 2008

I have gotten into the habit of taking my basket full of clean laundry into my room and then locking the door so I can fold it quickly and then get it to the appropriate rooms. If I fold it with four little people watching me it takes much longer and I usually end of refolding half of the load because of little hands grabbing what has already been neatly folded. Well, this morning I was in my room folding and when I came out I heard Lauren say, "Miles, come here so I can put on your clean diaper. And Ari, go throw this poopy diaper away." What?! I hurried to the room, passing Ari with a poopy diaper on the way, and came to the room where Miles was walking around...diaper-less. I wanted to laugh, but my first concern was that there would be poop all over the carpet. I asked Lauren if she cleaned him off and she said, "Oh sure, Mom, I used the wipes and got him clean. It was no problem." This is my six year old little girl!!! Then she said, "Next time when he is wet...just come get me and I'll change him." Amazingly, she did a fantastic job!!! I told her I would take care of it from now on, but that I may let her help change Ian when he gets here. My kids never cease to amaze me!

As for the rest of the day...
We finished our schoolwork, watched Peter Pan, Lauren and Franklin played outside for an hour while Ari and Miles took a nap, and I relaxed for a little while.

Lauren and Franklin get to go to Chuck E. Cheese tonight for an Awana Sparks party. They both said the 10 sections needed to qualify to go to the party. They get to ride a bus there, so they couldn't be any more excited! Roger and I offered to go help, but they already had enough help. I wouldn't usually send my kids without Roger or I going, but the adults going love our children, and I know they will do a wonderful job looking out for them.

I'm going to drop the two little guys off with Grandma and Granddaddy and Roger and I are going on a date! We are going to Macaroni Grill, and then do a little bit of shopping. Franklin and Ari have grown out of their shoes, so they need new shoes badly! It will be so nice to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the company of my wonderful husband. He is the best! I am so grateful God has given him to me to be my best friend.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting back to normal

I have to admit that I felt a little anxious yesterday as I thought about getting life back to normal after the campaign. What is normal? I'm not sure I remember anymore. I asked Roger as he walked out the door this morning, "Will you be home this evening?" Of course he'll be home this evening!!! It was such a habit to ask the question that it came out before I even thought about what I was saying.

We spent today getting caught up on school. We are almost completely caught up from the past few weeks, and will have no problem getting completely caught up, and ready to start a new "normal" week next week! That is great news!

We also played outside a lot, and the kids have played inside really well, too! It is a gorgeous day! The windows have been open since just after breakfast this morning, and I never needed to shut them to turn on the air. Praise the Lord! I love "open window weather!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A losing day

Yesterday was quite a losing day. Roger's race hasn't been completely closed yet, but they are already declaring a winner...and sadly, it isn't Roger. He lost by 307 votes which was less than 1%. He was up against a democrat that, while a nice guy, was part of the political "machine" and had over $90,000 to spend on the campaign. I think we had about a third of that! The biggest monkey wrench was the libertarian on the ticket. She was able to get 6% of the vote and she did absolutely nothing to win this campaign. She, very clearly, took the votes from Roger that caused him to lose. Economically speaking, libertarians can be close to conservative Republicans.

So, how do we feel? Well, disappointed, but pleased. We worked really hard. We had wonderful volunteers. We had generous donors. We prayed from the beginning that we would walk away from this unscathed, and God answered that prayer. The campaign did not get negative between the candidates; although plenty of rumors were spread along the way. We trust God and we lean on His understanding, not our own. As I was on my way to the party last night I was praying and God very clearly told me (not in an audible voice, of course), "Kerry, I work ALL things together for good." So, God will work all of this out for our good, and we look forward to seeing what His plans are for us in the future!

The other losing part was our country's choice of a president, but I'm not going to go there tonight. God has a reason for letting him win and it is either to teach us a lesson, ie be careful what you ask for, or else he is giving us over to a reprobate mind.
Regardless, I will pray for the salvation of this man, trust God to see us through this time, and do what God tells us to do...I will humble myself and pray and seek His face and then He will hear from Heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mariam, Moses, Daniel and the unhappy lion

Is there a laundry troll???

I had just done laundry on Friday, and then had three loads to do Saturday evening. Where in the world is all of this coming from??? Is there a laundry troll dumping clothes into the laundry baskets while we are sleeping??? LOL!

Ouch...but getting much better

It's hard to see, but the entire top of his left foot is bruised, including his toes, and it goes all the way through to the bottom of his foot. BUT, it's healing!

Playing doctor

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A weeks worth of updates

So, what has happened the last week in the Shealy house? Hmmmm...let me think.

Roger has been really busy with the campaign...sign waving, walking precincts, a lot of meetings, two radio appearances (Bill Mick Live), and hundreds of mail outs, which we label and stamp ourselves.

Church was Wednesday, and we had been so busy that I hadn't even worked on AWANA verses with the kids. We were also getting behind on our school work, too. I am thankful for the flexibility of homeschool...we'll get caught up next week, which is fine because I knew we couldn't do a whole week of school next week with my sister coming in town Monday, the election Tuesday, and then my sister leaving Wednesday.

Miles had his evaluation at the Children's Center Thursday morning. They discovered that, developmentally, he is very smart! But, he certainly has some sensory issues, so we will begin Occupational Therapy soon. He will have therapy once a week, in our home, for 30 minutes. I look forward to beginning! They also encouraged me to take him back to the GI doctor and find out why he still has reflux, and ask for allergy testing at the same time. They really believe his digestion problems have something to do with his sensory issues.

After Miles and I got home I decided to pack up all of the kids, go get some lunch to-go and head to the government building where they were having early voting, so I could support my husband by holding a sign. The kids had a lot of fun running around and eating. Miles sat in the stroller and was really happy and content until a train came by and he got really scared. We were there almost 2 hours when their grandma came to pick them up and take them to her house. I stayed another four hours, and Roger joined me, so we really enjoyed sign waving together. I must say that standing for almost 6 hours was more than my body could handle. I felt sick and exhausted that night, and even a little crampy. Not good! I stayed off my feet after giving the kids baths, and then helped Roger with more mailings. I really haven't felt well since then, and I know my body is in need of more rest. I need to make sure I protect this baby no matter how much I want to help with everything else!

Franklin had a check-up and x-ray on his foot Friday. His foot is healing nicely, so two more weeks in the boot and he should be as good as new! And, he doesn't have to sleep in the boot, so he is happy about that.

A week ago Thursday as Roger and I were on our way to a campaign fundraiser his Explorer overheated, and we had to pull off the road quickly. Thankfully, our friend, Bruce, was following, so we grabbed everything we needed out of Roger's car, hopped in Bruce's car and off to the event we went. Roger got his car fixed the next day. Yesterday Franklin and I got in the van after our babysitter came, so we could go to Franklin's appointment and the van would not start. I felt so bad, but I had to run inside and ask our babysitter if we could drive her car. The van got partly fixed yesterday, and is at least drivable at this point.

Friday night we had our Fall Festival at church. It was so much fun! The kids loved everything, and Miles was really good. Lauren was Miriam, Moses' sister, Franklin was an older Moses with the 10 Commandments, Ari was Daniel, and Miles was supposed to be a lion, but he couldn't handle wearing the costume, so he just ended up being Miles with cute little whiskers on his cheeks. He didn't like the whiskers either!

Today Roger has spent the entire day (7-6:30) holding a sign at the government center again. The kids and I met up with him before lunch, ran to get some lunch and back to have a little picnic again, home for naps, set up a tent to play with in the back yard, and then back with a pizza for another picnic at dinner. After dinner we thought we would have a little bit of fun with the Obama supporters, so we had the kids saying, "NOBAMA, NOBAMA!" We thought it was all in good fun, but a few of the women didn't take it that way and got really mad at us. They began arguing with me, which I wasn't willing to take too far. Roger stepped in and told them that it needed to end, and we left about 15 minutes later while their blood still boiled. Wow! Were they ever mad at us!?

I don't think this has ever happened in our entire marriage, but we are staying home from church tomorrow. Not because we are sick, or the kids are sick, but because we know we need to keep our priorities straight. Our family must come before church... not before God, but before church. We need time to hang out and play and talk and sing and enjoy our family. I need a chance to rest, too, and I think Roger does, too. Sundays are not very relaxing for us because of getting everyone ready in the morning, Roger teaches Sunday School, Roger and I teach children's church, we come home, I fix a quick lunch, get the little guys in bed for a nap, and then get a quick dinner for the kids before we head out the door at about 5:40 to go back to church. I think tomorrow will be a great family day!

Time change tomorrow, or tonight...however you want to look at it! The kids are still up and it is almost 8:30. They are usually in bed by 8:00, but I want to get them acclimated to the time change. If I didn't still have laundry and dishes to do I think I would go to bed now, too!!!

Pictures to come tomorrow!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm still here!

The past week has been crazy! We have had to work on mailings for the election every evening, along with a lot of other things, so I am completely worn out! I think I could use a complete day of sleep when this election is over! I think Roger could use it, too!
I want to update more tonight, but I am so tired that I think it would be best for me to go to bed. Sorry!

I will hopefully post a big update tomorrow with pictures from our Fall Festival, info on the kids, and life, in general.

But for now...goodnight...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Tonight was our last campaign rally before the election! We had a decent turn out, but the weather was quite uncooperative today. I have to praise God, though...we prayed and prayed that God would stop the rain, so people would come stopped about an hour before the event, and did not storm or rain during the event. We were in a pavilion outside, on the river, so it is usually really windy, but tonight there was just enough of a breeze to keep us comfortable. I have to say this too...there was a 100% chance of rain today with thunderstorms this evening, so there is no doubt that God answered our prayer.

Only 11 more days until the election!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do you want a mini-laptop???

Check this out! This family is raising funds to adopt and have decided to raffle off a Dell mini-laptop. Very cool! I'm going for it!

A little giggle...a lot of spunk

The other day I went downtown to run a few errands and buy my wife some jewelry. I went into the local Jewelry store. I was only there for about 5 minutes. When I came out, there was this cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, “Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break?” He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. His insensitivity annoyed me, so I called him a Nazi. He glared at me and then wrote out another ticket for having worn tires. So I proceeded to call him a doughnut-eating Gestapo. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket when I called him a moron in blue. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I talked back to him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn't really care. I came downtown on the bus. The car that he was putting the tickets on had one of those bumper stickers that said, 'Obama in '08'. I try to have a little fun each day now that I'm retired. The doctor tells me that it's important to my health.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Franklin gets "the boot"

The doctor decided to put Franklin in a boot instead of a cast. This is a good thing! Franklin can put pressure on his foot, but he is supposed to stay off of it as much as possible...and no "running or jumping!" We'll have to keep reminding Franklin of this over the next few weeks as his foot feels better. :-)
After deciding to put him in a boot the nurse came in and told me our insurance would not pay for the boot through them. So, they gave me the name of another company our insurance would accept along with a phone number and contact person. I called as soon as we got out of the office and no one answered. I called a little while later and was told that we could get it in our town in two weeks. Two weeks??!! No, that's not going to work. So, I told the lady I would drive to Rockledge (30 minutes away), but she said the guy wouldn't be back to work until next Monday, and they don't have the boot in that size in stock, so he would order it. What??? So, I'll wait until next Monday, and then wait for him to order it, and then drive 30 minutes to pick it up when my doctor's office has one sitting in their closet, but my insurance won't pay for it? I don't have time for this! So, I drove back to the doctor's office, told them I would personally pay for the boot and work it out with my insurance company, they put it on Franklin's foot, and we were all happy...$131 later. Alright Health with me are going to pay, aren't you?

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

You MUST check out this blog and giveaway! It is amazing!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The foot

Here's the broken foot! It is a little swollen, and bruising more and more each day. Franklin can't wait until Monday...he gets his cast!!! This is really exciting to him! Just wait until he has it on for three weeks...I don't think it will be so exciting anymore.

I'm excited for him to get the cast, too! Honestly, I am! I am so afraid someone is going to bump his foot, or accidentally step on it and hurt him worse. It's really painful if it is bumped. At least the cast will protect him.

As for church tomorrow...we're still going. Franklin will stay with Roger and I. He can go to Sunday school with us and we teach children's church (ages 6-11), so he'll enjoy going to class with us. I'm going to wrap his foot in a bandage for a little extra protection, and he can sit in a stroller until we go upstairs for children's church.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another broken bone...or two, or three?

It isn't Miles this's Franklin! And yes, he has three broken bones in his left foot! He jumped off the top of his slide last night, landed badly on his foot, and ...OUCH! I took him to the doctor this afternoon (our morning visitors had to leave early, so I could take him :-( , then on to the hospital for x-rays, and we were surprised to learn that he had three broken bones. He will be going to the Orthopedic doctor on Monday for a cast...they were already gone for the day, and they aren't open on weekends. He has strict instructions to stay off his foot, which won't be a problem because it is so painful, put ice on it, and stay on Motrin every 6 hours. We'll find out more on Monday!

A wonderful morning

We had a really fun morning! We had two little visitors that my kids absolutely adore. I think Lauren pretended she had a sister! ALL of the kids were so good! There was no fighting or disagreements, everyone got along very well, and everyone was extremely well-behaved. It was a really wonderful morning! These little ones can come over any time!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

23 Weeks...17 to go!

I had another check-up with my OB today. Ian's heart rate was 146. Everything looks good! He moves around a lot...and I am enjoying every minute!

I'm getting more varicose veins, but the same batch are the main painful veins. I asked the doctor about it today and he said, "I'm really sorry. They're going to get a lot worse."
What?!?! OUCH! The cure: giving birth! So, after Ian gets here the varicose veins should go away...along with the pain they are causing.

Did you know that women gain 4 pounds of blood during pregnancy??? Sometimes the increased blood, along with a decrease in flow is what causes the varicose veins.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting in the groove

I am trying really hard to get into a good groove for keeping our family on a schedule. I think kids thrive on a schedule, and then it makes it fun to deviate every now and then for "fun" days. With four little ones, and now being pregnant again I am trying to get myself on a schedule as far as keeping the house clean. So, here is my plan:

Monday: Laundry
Tuesday: Wash sheets
Wednesday: Laundry and clean bathrooms
Thursday: Vacuum in the morning and mop after the kids go to bed at night
Friday: Laundry and Dust

Everyday: Dishes, sanitize kitchen counters, "quick cleans" throughout the day (everyone picks up toys, shoes, clothes), cook, whatever else needs to be done

Monday, October 13, 2008

Please pray

I urgently ask that you pray for a woman named, Naomi. She is pregnant. She has to take medication, but would have to go off the medication (or so I am told) during pregnancy, which would cause serious mental instability. She has been told that it is very possible her unborn baby has Down Syndrome. She made the decision to abort her last baby because of the consequences of going off the medication.

Please pray for the life of this precious baby. Please pray that God would sustain her without the medication, so she would have more strength to go through this pregnancy. Please pray that God would show her that there are families (like us!) who would love to adopt and love her baby. Please, please pray...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Very special visitors!

Wow! I was so blessed today! I found out a few days ago that my very dear friends, Lily and Dennis, were on vacation close by. They had been on my mind, so I couldn't believe it when I found out how close they were. Their daughter gave me Lily's cell phone number, I got in touch with her, they came to church this morning, and then spent the afternoon with us. Lily was my wedding coordinator, and has been a very special friend since I was a teenager. It felt so good to see them today! My kids fell in love with them quickly. Lauren and Franklin had Dennis piled under pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and newspapers at one point!!! Even Miles was happy to have them here. He is usually very apprehensive with visitors, but as you can see from the picture he really enjoyed being with them.

Thank you Lily and Dennis for making the drive over, and then for spending the afternoon with us! We love you! You are so special to us!

Miles LOVES baths!

We were having a fun family night Friday...special candlelight dinner, special trip to take muffins and pictures to a family from our church, and then a movie and play time. Everyone was enjoying their time together! We had all been in the living room, and hadn't noticed that Miles walked away until we heard the bath water running! Roger and I both jumped up!!! I ran to the bathroom and found Miles completely clothed, bath tub plugged, cold water running, and he was splashing and having a great time. When I walked in he smiled as big as he could.

This is why I always tell the kids to "keep the bathroom door shut!"

Someday my prince will come...maybe now???

My girlie girl isn't always a girlie girl! She caught a frog in the yard the other day and tried to play games with it. She tried to bring it in my house, too, but I stopped her before it was able to leap out of hands onto the floor. I told her I would take a picture of her and she decided she would kiss it to see if it would turn into a prince! Well, she was pretending to kiss it, but it sure was silly!

Friday, October 10, 2008

One very appreciative kid

Ari is a very special boy! He rarely has a bad attitude. He is easy to discipline. He is funny. He is kind to the other kids. He is also very thoughtful.

This morning at breakfast we had oatmeal. The kids get to choose what kind of oatmeal they want and Roger fixes it. It's the "add hot water" kind, so don't think we are super-chefs! Anyway, we were eating our breakfast and Ari always needs a little extra coaxing at breakfast. He got a big smile on his face and said, "Oh, I'll eat my oatmeal! Apples make me happy!" He has a smile that lights up a room, so Roger and I got a good laugh out of that one.

This afternoon I was cleaning the bathrooms while Miles was sleeping. Ari was right there with me every second. He was thanking me for cleaning the bath tub and the sink, and reminding me to clean the toilets. After I finished cleaning the toilet in his bathroom he said, "Wow, Mommy! That is so clean! Can I potty in it now?" He couldn't wait to potty on the bubbles from the toilet bowl cleaner. Of course, he pottied with a huge smile on his face!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Funny things kids say

Ari: "Mommy, don't let the baby come out of your belly button!" (As he is looking at my growing belly)

Miles: Me-"Miles, your baby brother is in there. Do you love baby Ian?"
Miles- "No, I not love him!"
Me- "But he's your baby brother, don't you love Ian?
Miles- "No, I not love Ian!"
Oh boy! I hope he loves him when he sees him. I know he had no idea what our conversation was really about tonight! Or did he???

Lauren: "Hey, your mouth really wide, so the baby can hear us talk to him." LOL!!!

I love my kids! They crack me up!

Campaign stuff

It seems like everywhere we go we hear, "Roger, people are saying..." If you hear what "people are saying" and it doesn't sound quite right then it is probably not right. There are so many lies and rumors out there, and if you question anything you hear than you should contact Roger, so he can fill you in on the truth.

Is Roger going to cut 3% of jobs if he wins office?
The answer is no. He has never once in this entire campaign said he would cut jobs and "3%" has never been uttered. He will look at everything and see where cuts can be made, but cutting jobs means that families suffer and that is, of course, not his desire. I'm not saying that some jobs won't be cut, but it is not his intention.

Is Roger going to close all of the parks?
Again, the answer is no. Why would he close all of the parks? If you think about it you will realize that this is an absolutely ridiculous rumor. As Roger has said, "I have a family. We use the parks. We love the parks. We think they should be used more." But, he has also said this, "If the economy gets bad enough and it comes down to funds for public safety (fire and rescue, and police), or funds for parks, then he will have to go with public safety.

Is Roger one of Scott Ellis' puppets? Is he running because of Scott and will he do what Scott tells him to do?
Roger is Scott's friend, not his puppet. Roger had no influence from Scott to run for this election. Roger told me before we were even engaged (8.5 years ago) that he wanted to run for political office someday. Roger is his own man, and makes his own decisions. He is a leader, not a follower, and will therefore, make decisions he feels would best suit our county.

After hearing comments from church members on Sunday about what "people are saying" it became frustrating. I get tired of hearing the lies. I guess it showed on my face because someone made the comment to me (in a not very nice way), "Well, you had to expect this. You had to know this was coming." I could have kept my mouth shut, but I nicely said, "We expected people to lie and spread rumors, but you cannot possibly prepare yourself and know what people will say." It is especially hard when those lies and rumors are about my husband.

No matter where you live you need to make sure that what you are "hearing" about candidates is truth. You can easily find the candidates website, and email or call them. Don't believe everything you hear and is often not true...I now know this from experience!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The sickness continues

Roger gave in and went to the doctor today. He has a sinus infection and bronchitis. He also feels like he has a fever with chills and body aches. Now we are wondering if it is actually the flu. Oh my!

The kids seem to be fine, but Lauren was coughing when she went to bed tonight. I hope we aren't getting another round of this already.

I finished my antibiotic on Saturday, but both of my ears were hurting today. No way!!! My left ear is clogged and hurting tonight. I hope it feels better in the morning.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Before I had children I thought cravings were a farce. Well, now I know cravings are very real during pregnancy...and usually very strange. I craved lemons with Lauren. Roger would go to the store and buy me a bunch of lemons and lemon juice by the jar. I would peel the lemons and eat them like an orange, and sip on the lemon juice throughout the day. Now, I can't stand the thought of eating a lemon.

It has been different in every pregnancy, but this time around...are you ready for this? Fried chicken and jalapeƱos!!! I peel off the crunchy stuff and skin on the fried chicken and poor the jalapeƱo juice over the meat. I can hardly contain myself from making noise when I eat because it tastes soooooo good. I also love banana peppers, and cherry peppers right now. If it weren't so late I would eat some now! I had better go to bed now before I give in to my temptation and get really bad, I really want some though...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it Christmas???

It feels like Christmas!!! No, it's not cold here! Someone passed on numerous bags of clothes for my boys! Most of them are going to Miles, but Franklin and Ari received some much needed shorts! This was a wonderful gift! Thank you Tonya and Heuss family for thinking of us! You have truly blessed us!

Franklin and Ari really needed some new shorts. Their denim shorts were beyond ragged! I had looked around, but couldn't find any since all of the Fall clothes are out now. It stays so hot here that was wondering what I was going to do until shorts came back out next Spring. Well, I guess God made shorts unavailable because he knew someone was about to bless us with several pair! Thank you, Lord! He is just as good in the little things!

Another busy day and more to come tomorrow

We stayed home this morning and played and relaxed. Roger was out the door before we had breakfast, so I knew it would be a long day. When Ari and Miles woke up from their naps I got everyone dressed with their "Vote for my Daddy" t-shirts, nice shorts, and fixed hair and we were out the door to run a bunch of errands. I needed to drop off some clothes for Shelly's girls that were given to me, but too small for Lauren, then drop off a mandolin at Jennifer's house, then garage sale stuff at Meredith's house, then Target where I bought each of the kids a lunchable for dinner, then the bank to get some moolah, and then the Titusville Street Party where Roger was playing music with Homespun and had a table set up for the campaign. I got all of the kids in bed around 8:30, which is later than usual, and we have a busy day coming tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another campaign rally (hosted by us) in Port St. John. We hope for another big crowd. Once again, we will have face painting, a clown making balloon animals, and there is a small park right outside the building. We have an absolutely wonderful babysitter (Jean Marie) coming to help with the kids. I told her she was going to be my nanny until the campaign is over!!! We really appreciate her, and the kids LOVE her!

I have no idea when Roger will get home tonight, but I need to finish dishes and get to bed. My stomach hurts. I think I have been on my feet too long today. No, I'm not going into labor, but I do feel like I have overdone it a little. Yes, I know I need to take care of myself.

A date!!!

Roger asked me out on a date yesterday! We were given a coupon to Mimi's Cafe, so off we went for dinner and quiet conversation. We needed to drop off some campaign material at a friend's house, so we were able to visit for a few minutes, too! I hardly ever see my friend Jennifer, so it was so nice to see her face and talk without just reading words in an email! On the way home we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee and a donut! It was a great evening! Thank you, Roger!