Friday, October 24, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Tonight was our last campaign rally before the election! We had a decent turn out, but the weather was quite uncooperative today. I have to praise God, though...we prayed and prayed that God would stop the rain, so people would come stopped about an hour before the event, and did not storm or rain during the event. We were in a pavilion outside, on the river, so it is usually really windy, but tonight there was just enough of a breeze to keep us comfortable. I have to say this too...there was a 100% chance of rain today with thunderstorms this evening, so there is no doubt that God answered our prayer.

Only 11 more days until the election!!!


Jennifer said...

That great! Good luck Rodger

Pegsy said...

I love hearing about specific answers to prayer like that! Life is busy, busy right now, eh?! Hopefully things will be a lot calmer and less stressful for you guys in a couple of weeks.

Jamey & Angela Moore said...

We are praying for you guys and will continue!