Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new computer + an update

I'm baaaack!!! Roger set up my new computer tonight. It is wonderful to be among the internet surfers again!

Update on Miles:

Miles began crying as soon as we pulled up to the hospital. It's not that he recognizes the hospital, but he knew we were there for him. Roger dropped us off and I made my way to admissions while he found a place to park. Miles cried through the lobby and I could see the fear in his face as we entered the admissions office. We were quickly called back to an office for paperwork to be completed and Miles became unglued. I was done! I couldn't hold back the tears anymore, so I sat there with Miles on my lap and we were both sobbing. Very sad! Roger walked in and asked what was wrong. I felt so bad for Miles. It is so hard to see him so scared.

We were taken to the 8th floor for his tests. He was very unsettled and I asked if they could give him a nasal mist to help him calm down. The anesthesiologist didn't want to use that because it would make him sleep longer. I thought sleep would be a good thing for Miles! They put his IV in while he and I both cried. The nurses kept asking me if I was okay. :-) I was okay, but I felt so nervous for how Miles was feeling and I am quite hormonal right now! They let me carry him back to the procedure room while they gave an injection through his IV to put him to sleep. They warned me that he would go limp very fast! He did!!! The procedure was over about 20 minutes after that!

The doctor took pictures for us and we are waiting on the results of the biopsies. He let us know that he also biopsied for lactose intolerance, so I look forward to getting the results back. As far as the appearance of his esophagus, and stomach, and intestines...everything looks good and normal. We also received the results from the Impedance Study (testing for acid and non-acid reflux) and it was normal, as well, so there are no signs of reflux.

The question now is...where do we go from here? We know Miles still had reflux as of a few months ago, and we are grateful that there is no damage to anything inside. To be honest, we were hoping the doctor would find something. It's not that we really want anything to be wrong with Miles, but we were looking for answers for why Miles has always been so miserable. I'm glad everything seems to be fine, but I am disappointed that we didn't find a way to help him. We were hoping we could just change his medication and have a happy boy.

We will receive the biopsy results next week, and then Miles goes to an allergist in a few weeks.
Please pray for wisdom for Roger and I. We are trying to deal with some of Miles' behavior, but he is so different than our other kids, so this is a new journey. I think having a new baby is going to be really difficult on Miles, and therefore, on our entire family. We have a few books we will be reading to glean some advice, but we would really appreciate your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Glad that things went well...other than him not wanting to be there. I don't blame him...I don't like hospitals either! You should have taken my picture! :-) It is really good that he doesn't have reflux and that his insides look great. Hopefully you will get a good report next week when all of the final results are in. I hope the allergist can be of help soon. Our allergist has really been helpful with our kids. I wonder if you took Miles off of food coloring...maybe that might help? I've heard of kids having big issues with food colorings...especially red. Just an idea.

Happy New Year!
Love you guys,

Pegsy said...

I'm glad to hear things went well at the hospital. If that had been me, I would have been sobbing as well. I've cried over far less than that! I will be praying for wisdom as you continue to seek answers. I also know what that feels like - we are seeking answers with our daughter, Sara, right now as well. It's not easy on a mother's heart... Hugs!