Friday, December 12, 2008

A busy day

The day started like any other. Get up, shower, get ready for the day, eat breakfast, do morning jobs (the kids have jobs they do each morning, ie brush teeth, empty trash cans, make beds, etc), start school...We finished with school around 11:00, which is much earlier than normal, so we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather. We were playing outside when Roger's mom called and asked if she could take us to McDonald's. She had asked on Wednesday, but I was too nauseous to handle the task. So, we met at "Old McDonald's" (that's what the kids keep calling it), had lunch, let the kids play, got to see a friend who showed up unexpectedly (so happy to see you *S*!), and then we were out the door. Right after Grandma called this morning another friend called and asked if Franklin could come play with her little boy this afternoon. Lauren loves to play with her little girls, so I asked if Lauren could come, too. I felt kind of bad for asking, but Lauren is usually more of a help than a hindrance. After McDonald's I dropped off Lauren and Franklin to play for the afternoon and brought the other two boys home for a nap. That didn't last very long. I laid down on the sofa while the boys were sleeping and dozed off just in time for the phone to ring. It was a sales call! Bummer! Ari was awake soon after that and then Miles woke up, too. Still, I had a few minutes to lay down and rest. I picked up Lauren and Franklin and hurried home to meet our two little guests we would be watching for the evening. We greeted our guests, ate dinner, turned on a movie and played until the little ones were picked up at 8:30. I was so glad Roger was here to help me tonight. I could not have done it on my own.
I am ready to rest!

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