Friday, November 7, 2008

I have gotten into the habit of taking my basket full of clean laundry into my room and then locking the door so I can fold it quickly and then get it to the appropriate rooms. If I fold it with four little people watching me it takes much longer and I usually end of refolding half of the load because of little hands grabbing what has already been neatly folded. Well, this morning I was in my room folding and when I came out I heard Lauren say, "Miles, come here so I can put on your clean diaper. And Ari, go throw this poopy diaper away." What?! I hurried to the room, passing Ari with a poopy diaper on the way, and came to the room where Miles was walking around...diaper-less. I wanted to laugh, but my first concern was that there would be poop all over the carpet. I asked Lauren if she cleaned him off and she said, "Oh sure, Mom, I used the wipes and got him clean. It was no problem." This is my six year old little girl!!! Then she said, "Next time when he is wet...just come get me and I'll change him." Amazingly, she did a fantastic job!!! I told her I would take care of it from now on, but that I may let her help change Ian when he gets here. My kids never cease to amaze me!

As for the rest of the day...
We finished our schoolwork, watched Peter Pan, Lauren and Franklin played outside for an hour while Ari and Miles took a nap, and I relaxed for a little while.

Lauren and Franklin get to go to Chuck E. Cheese tonight for an Awana Sparks party. They both said the 10 sections needed to qualify to go to the party. They get to ride a bus there, so they couldn't be any more excited! Roger and I offered to go help, but they already had enough help. I wouldn't usually send my kids without Roger or I going, but the adults going love our children, and I know they will do a wonderful job looking out for them.

I'm going to drop the two little guys off with Grandma and Granddaddy and Roger and I are going on a date! We are going to Macaroni Grill, and then do a little bit of shopping. Franklin and Ari have grown out of their shoes, so they need new shoes badly! It will be so nice to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the company of my wonderful husband. He is the best! I am so grateful God has given him to me to be my best friend.


Pegsy said...

I love the diaper story! Your reaction sounds much like mine would have been! It is amazing what our kids can do - I don't give them enough credit sometimes!

How was the date? I hope you had a wonderful time!

Jennifer said...

Great job Lauren keep it up:)

I am glad you some alone time:)