Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A losing day

Yesterday was quite a losing day. Roger's race hasn't been completely closed yet, but they are already declaring a winner...and sadly, it isn't Roger. He lost by 307 votes which was less than 1%. He was up against a democrat that, while a nice guy, was part of the political "machine" and had over $90,000 to spend on the campaign. I think we had about a third of that! The biggest monkey wrench was the libertarian on the ticket. She was able to get 6% of the vote and she did absolutely nothing to win this campaign. She, very clearly, took the votes from Roger that caused him to lose. Economically speaking, libertarians can be close to conservative Republicans.

So, how do we feel? Well, disappointed, but pleased. We worked really hard. We had wonderful volunteers. We had generous donors. We prayed from the beginning that we would walk away from this unscathed, and God answered that prayer. The campaign did not get negative between the candidates; although plenty of rumors were spread along the way. We trust God and we lean on His understanding, not our own. As I was on my way to the party last night I was praying and God very clearly told me (not in an audible voice, of course), "Kerry, I work ALL things together for good." So, God will work all of this out for our good, and we look forward to seeing what His plans are for us in the future!

The other losing part was our country's choice of a president, but I'm not going to go there tonight. God has a reason for letting him win and it is either to teach us a lesson, ie be careful what you ask for, or else he is giving us over to a reprobate mind.
Regardless, I will pray for the salvation of this man, trust God to see us through this time, and do what God tells us to do...I will humble myself and pray and seek His face and then He will hear from Heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land.


Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

Sorry you guys lost!! I sure sounds like you made a big impact though... to be less than 1% that's impressive!!! Great job... don't give up!!

Jennifer said...

Sorry, for your lost:( Don't give up!!

Pegsy said...

Thanks for sharing, Kerry. I was sorry to hear that Roger lost. I'm praying God's peace and rest to be upon your whole family right now - you need it.