Saturday, December 20, 2008

I finished wrapping all of the Christmas presents yesterday, so the kids woke up this morning to find presents under the tree. They were so excited! Franklin asked me if Christmas was today.

We have had a busy week! Monday and Tuesday evenings were free, so I was really looking forward to watching the Biggest Loser. It's about the only show I watch right now. I was not disappointed! I was happy with the person who won because she was nice throughout the competition...which is not what I can say about a few of the other women! Wednesday we had AWANA store night, and a birthday party for Jesus. It struck me this week...we don't do the Santa thing, but I knew of a church in town who was doing a "breakfast with Santa" and then I wondered...why don't people get their picture taken in a live nativity rather than with Santa? Just a thought! Thursday evening we hired one of our favorite babysitters, so Roger and I could go to a Christmas Party. Friday night Ari and Franklin had bell choir practice. And today I took Lauren and Miles with me to Walmart (I know!!! Crazy thought! But it really wasn't as crazy as I expected.), came home, gave Franklin and Ari haircuts, fixed lunch, gave everyone a bath, put the two little guys in bed for a nap, made jello salad and macaroni and cheese, woke the two little guys up, got everyone dressed and left for Roger's family Christmas party. It was a fun evening!
Tomorrow we have church, I will be singing tomorrow evening at church if I can stop coughing, then we have another babysitter coming tomorrow evening, so Roger and I can stop by another Christmas party. We don't hire babysitters very often, so it is odd for the kids to have another babysitter so soon. They will be excited though!

We are going to take a break from school for the next week. We'll do a couple of things in our curriculum since I will be gone the following Monday and Tuesday with Miles, but for the most part we are going to have a "fun learning" week. We'll bake and do crafts, and go to the park, and run around outside. I have an OB appointment Wednesday. And then, of course, it's Christmas!!!

I may not be able to post much this week. Our computer is dying quickly! I can't stay on very long because the fan doesn't seem to be working, so we are afraid it is going to burn up. We may have a new computer by the end of the week! I hope you enjoy your week...and have fun with your kids!!! Remind them daily why we celebrate Christmas!

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Pegsy said...

Thanks for the reminder to remind my kids...I need someone to remind ME daily about the true meaning of Christmas. Things have seemed so stressful this Christmas for some reason, and I've been so cranky.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas week! I'll look forward to hearing all about it!