Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny things kids say

I went to the library and checked out "Alvin and the Chipmunks" for the kids tonight. Roger is gone, so I thought we would just hang out and watch a movie. The Chipmunks were singing a Christmas song and Lauren and Franklin were arguing over whether the Chipmunks said "cheer" or "tear". I assured Franklin that they were saying "cheer" and he said, "But that doesn't make sense." So, I explained that cheer means happiness. Then he said, "No, I still think it's 'tear.' You know like when you get a present at Christmas and you are just so happy to get it that you have tears." Too funny!

I've also realized how much my kids copy me. I have a habit of saying, "Oh my goodness." Well, Lauren says it all the time now. And tonight in the van Miles said, "Oh my goodness, Mommy." Ari's favorite thing to say right now is "That's awesome!" Well, that's another "Mommy saying."

And one more...
The three older kids were up early this morning and Roger and I laid in bed and listened to them talk. It was quite entertaining! One of Ari's favorite toys right now is the "sit and spin." He rides it every morning! Well, this morning he was squealing because Lauren and Franklin were telling him it was too noisy (I think they've heard that somewhere before!!!) and then Lauren explained in a very gentle and kind voice, "Ari, you need to get off because it makes too much noise this early in the morning and mom and dad are trying to sleep. You see, they really need their rest because they work so hard all day. Okay?" It was so sweet and funny!

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Pegsy said...

Kids sure keep us from taking life too seriously, don't they?! I'm thankful that my kids make me laugh inspite of myself!

Thanks for your sweet comment. It made me feel very loved. I would love to be hugged and not let go for a long time... We can definitely find some time to talk - I would like that. Thank you for caring. I hope you and your family have a lovely evening!