Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas shopping

Roger is at Target right now and then going to Walmart as I type this. HE is doing the Christmas shopping!!! I don't think this has ever been done before! Of course, I told him what to get...well, sort of. We discussed it, but I pretty much knew what I wanted to get for the kids. As he left the house I thought, "I better grab the phone because I know he is going to call." Yep! I just got off the phone with him! He's so great! We aren't spending much, and the kids are getting three things each, so it's pretty easy. We still don't know what to get for our parents and siblings, but we'll figure out something that is small and inexpensive. We are spending very little on everyone this year. I already got my gift! I was able to donate money to Reece's Rainbow to an orphan I pray for every day. This money will go toward his adoption grant, so whoever chooses to adopt him will have the money to use for his adoption. I'll post more about Reece's Rainbow soon, but if you want a little bit of extra information now you can click on the button over to the right that says "Reece's Rainbow."

I find it very hard to let Roger do the shopping. I enjoy buying things for the kids! Still, I don't feel well, and today has been a bad nausea day, and I have a cold on top of that, so I am thankful that he is willing to brave the madness of Christmas shoppers!!! Have I told you how wonderful he is???

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Pegsy said...

What a guy!! You keep getting rest and get better so you can enjoy Christmas.