Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend update

Roger spent all day outside yesterday clearing off more of the property next to us. He has worked really hard and it looks so much better! The kids have had fun helping him drag branches to the curb!

Everyone was well again today, so we all made it to church. I spent the Sunday School hour in the nursery. That's always fun! Roger and I taught Children's Church, which is what we do every Sunday. We really enjoy teaching the kids!

We had a restful, stormy afternoon, and then headed back to church this evening. Ari spent his third service sitting with us instead of going to the nursery. He has done really well every week. We let the kids do quiet activities (draw, color, lacing) during church. Even though they are "busy" they still hear what the pastor says, which amazes me. Franklin looked up at me at one point and said, "That's what I don't get mommy. I find it really hard to believe. I don't really understand how God is only one God, but he is everywhere. " Wow! Smart boy! I explained to him that it is something we believe because the Bible tells us so, but it is hard for me to understand, too!

This week we get back to our normal school schedule. I have the week planned out, so we know what we need to get done each day. It has been nice having a break, but I am ready to get back to the normal routine. If we can steadily continue we will be at a nice breaking point right before I am due to have Ian.

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