Wednesday, November 26, 2008

29 Weeks and a wonderful new doctor

I had my first appointment with my new doctor today. She is young, nice, personable, informed...and I am very happy! She is planning to induce me when it gets closer to my due date. I'll be getting another sonogram around 35 weeks, and based on the size of the baby, we'll decide when to induce...39 weeks, or around my due date. And, if we induce then we can be sure that my doctor will be the one to deliver little Ian. Miles was quite large, so she would prefer that I not go past my due date. That's fine with me!!! She also discussed the risks to the baby when a pregnancy is allowed to continue past the due date and said, "I'm not willing to take risks when it comes to the life of a baby." Well, good for her! And, good for me! I am so glad I switched doctors!


Pegsy said...

Oh, that's wonderful news! I'm so glad it all worked out for you! Have you been overdue with all your kids?

I'm truly not stalking you...I got on here to work on a post and saw that you had just posted! :-)

Dana said...

I'm glad that you like your new dr.! Your pictures are don't look big at all.