Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sensory Integration Dysfunction?

Miles hasn't been "officially" diagnosed with anything and I have said from the beginning that I wasn't looking for a diagnosis...I just wanted to help him. Well, even without an "official" diagnosis I think Sensory Integration Dysfunction may be his problem. I looked it up today after receiving some information from the Children's Center, and I friend of mine (Hi, Angela!) had mentioned it to me recently, as well. The following list is not inclusive of the disorder...there were several other things on the list, as well, but this pretty much sums up the first two years of Miles life. Thankfully, he is much better now!!!

__ Cries and/or arches back when people try to hold him/her (Not a problem now, typically)

__ Distressed by diaper changes (Does NOT like to be wiped)

__ Distressed by baths and/or water splashing on him/her (Doesn't like hair washed)

__Cries excessively throughout the day (more than a half hour or hour at a time) ( it used to be 85% of the day)

__ Doesn't smile often, appears “sad” or “uncomfortable” much of the time (was typically upset)

__ Distressed when moved suddenly or whole body and/or head is tipped (Getting better)

__ Distressed when moving in space (i.e., swinging around, bouncing up and down, or being “thrown” up in the air) (A little better)

__ Can't seem to calm baby down no matter what you try (Still difficult, but better, and likes his blankie)

__ Severe separation anxiety (Getting better)

__ Tantrums many times a day (MILES...big time!!!)

__ Distressed in public places, especially if crowded or noisy (Oh, yeah!!! But getting better!)

__ Cries inconsolably when left with strangers or less familiar people (Still does not like being separated)

__ Difficulties with excessive reflux or allergies to foods and/or formulas (Still has reflux)

__ Sensitive to sounds others don't seem to be bothered by (This is a major one for Miles!)

__ Appears overwhelmed, cries, or falls asleep when over stimulated (Overwhelmed, and cries)

__ You find you are always trying to be one step ahead of baby; trying to control his environment and “warning” people what to do/not to do so baby is comfortable (That's me!)

__ Appears distressed by movement; i.e., a startled response, arches back, frightened look in eyes, etc.

__ Can not switch activities or participate in daily routines without distress when transitioning from one to another (Still somewhat of a problem if HE isn't ready to change, but typical for 2)

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