Saturday, November 15, 2008

I challenge you...

to make someone feel special this week!

We often bake muffins, or some kind of bread (banana, pumpkin, blueberry) and the kids decide who we will "make feel special."
Ari chose Mrs. Bennett today! She babysits for us sometimes, and is the grandmother to one of my best friend's kids...and the kids absolutely love her! Ari sat in his car seat and held her hand after he gave her the muffins. It was really sweet.
I chose to give another batch of muffins to the Hodges family. The dad of the family was in a very bad car accident this week. He is home and healing, but really he needed to be "special" today!

Not only will this bring joy to the person you choose to serve, but you will feel so special yourself! I challenge you!! And, don't forget to leave me a comment about what you chose to do to "make someone feel special." Have fun!


Pegsy said...

I accept the challenge! That's such a great idea and so simple... I'll check in with you later!

Jennifer said...

I also accept the challenge!
Sound like fun:)