Thursday, October 9, 2008

Campaign stuff

It seems like everywhere we go we hear, "Roger, people are saying..." If you hear what "people are saying" and it doesn't sound quite right then it is probably not right. There are so many lies and rumors out there, and if you question anything you hear than you should contact Roger, so he can fill you in on the truth.

Is Roger going to cut 3% of jobs if he wins office?
The answer is no. He has never once in this entire campaign said he would cut jobs and "3%" has never been uttered. He will look at everything and see where cuts can be made, but cutting jobs means that families suffer and that is, of course, not his desire. I'm not saying that some jobs won't be cut, but it is not his intention.

Is Roger going to close all of the parks?
Again, the answer is no. Why would he close all of the parks? If you think about it you will realize that this is an absolutely ridiculous rumor. As Roger has said, "I have a family. We use the parks. We love the parks. We think they should be used more." But, he has also said this, "If the economy gets bad enough and it comes down to funds for public safety (fire and rescue, and police), or funds for parks, then he will have to go with public safety.

Is Roger one of Scott Ellis' puppets? Is he running because of Scott and will he do what Scott tells him to do?
Roger is Scott's friend, not his puppet. Roger had no influence from Scott to run for this election. Roger told me before we were even engaged (8.5 years ago) that he wanted to run for political office someday. Roger is his own man, and makes his own decisions. He is a leader, not a follower, and will therefore, make decisions he feels would best suit our county.

After hearing comments from church members on Sunday about what "people are saying" it became frustrating. I get tired of hearing the lies. I guess it showed on my face because someone made the comment to me (in a not very nice way), "Well, you had to expect this. You had to know this was coming." I could have kept my mouth shut, but I nicely said, "We expected people to lie and spread rumors, but you cannot possibly prepare yourself and know what people will say." It is especially hard when those lies and rumors are about my husband.

No matter where you live you need to make sure that what you are "hearing" about candidates is truth. You can easily find the candidates website, and email or call them. Don't believe everything you hear and is often not true...I now know this from experience!

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