Saturday, October 18, 2008

The foot

Here's the broken foot! It is a little swollen, and bruising more and more each day. Franklin can't wait until Monday...he gets his cast!!! This is really exciting to him! Just wait until he has it on for three weeks...I don't think it will be so exciting anymore.

I'm excited for him to get the cast, too! Honestly, I am! I am so afraid someone is going to bump his foot, or accidentally step on it and hurt him worse. It's really painful if it is bumped. At least the cast will protect him.

As for church tomorrow...we're still going. Franklin will stay with Roger and I. He can go to Sunday school with us and we teach children's church (ages 6-11), so he'll enjoy going to class with us. I'm going to wrap his foot in a bandage for a little extra protection, and he can sit in a stroller until we go upstairs for children's church.

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seabafive said...

oh that looks ouchy!