Thursday, November 20, 2008

Less than 12 weeks to go!

I was 28 weeks pregnant yesterday, so that means I have less than 12 weeks to go! Yikes! I am so excited to see him...and dreading going through labor (I can't have an epidural)...and a little anxious about everything that needs to be done before he gets here!!! Time is going to fly! We have Thanksgiving next week, Christmas next month, Roger's birthday in January and New Years, lots of school to do in-between, and then Ian will be here in February.

I just switched OB doctors. I wasn't real happy with mine, so I decided to finish out the pregnancy with someone else. I'm a little nervous about switching, but I feel good about it, too. I'll see the new doctor next week.

We had a sonogram today!!! It was great to see Ian's little face, and all ten fingers, and all ten toes. He was a little wiggle worm, but the tech was able to get all of the measurements she needed...and he decided to prove he was a little boy over and over. No questions there! We will definitely bring a cute little blue outfit to the hospital.

Lauren is becoming impatient waiting for Ian to get here. She was telling him tonight that he needed to come out.

My belly is certainly getting BIG! I ran into Franklin today (with my belly) and nearly knocked him to the ground! We both laughed so hard...what a great feeling for me to laugh with my son that way?! It was really funny! I'll try to post some pictures of "the baby belly" soon!

I have reverted back to the nausea of early pregnancy! I have lost 2 pounds this week! It has been a constant battle to keep any food down. This morning was tough, but this afternoon was okay. I'm glad I didn't feel as nauseous because I have had a headache since 9:00 this morning, and I was up with Miles from 4-5:30 (?) this morning, so I am extra tired. I don't know what was wrong with Miles. He seemed terrified when he woke up, and wanted out of his
room ...NOW! I brought him to my room for a little while and changed his diaper, but he started crying again when we went back to his room. He finally settled down, and was ready for bed when I laid him down, but he continued waking up crying. Very strange! It must have been a nightmare. I'll be going to bed soon, so hopefully I will lose the headache and feel better tomorrow.

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