Monday, November 24, 2008

No school!!!

We are taking a break from school this week. I have some books about Thanksgiving, a fun craft we'll do today, lots of fun baking, and lots of plain ol' fun!!! I'm excited to have a week off. I'm taking the kids to get their picture taken tomorrow. None of them had a picture after their birthday this year, so I will do everyone at one time. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday. Of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday, and Friday we'll have another fun day on Friday. I'm so excited to spend a lot of "fun time" with my kids this week!!!

This past weekend was relaxing for me. Roger did a lot of work outside and played with the kids outside, so I stayed inside and relaxed. Miles and I went to Walmart Saturday to get groceries for the week. He was such a good boy! Everyone was able to go to church yesterday. We only had 5 kids in Children's church, so attendance was really down.

Have a wonderful week!!!


Pegsy said...

Enjoy your week off! Sounds like fun!

Meredith said...

Cool, where are you taking them for pictures? We're going to the Picture People tomorrow night at Waterford :)