Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Record breaker

I really have no idea how this happened, but we were done with school by 10:30 this morning!!! Everyone! This never happens! So, I called grandma to see if we could come over for lunch and decided we would go to the library before going to her house. And then I decided to see if Franklin's best friend/cousin could come over and play and his mom decided it was his turn to come to their house (that made Franklin very happy!), and then Lauren felt left out, so she called and asked her grandma if she could spend the afternoon with her. So, here I sit with two little boys in bed taking naps, two other kids off having a wonderful afternoon, and I have time to get something done! So, what should I do? I think I will clean the bathrooms and then read a book I got at the library this morning.

And, I feel better today. I am not quite as nauseous. My throat doesn't hurt as bad, but it has turned into a cough. And for the first time in this pregnancy something actually sounded good to eat...Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's! And yes, I picked them up on the way to grandma's house, but shared them, so I want more!


Jennifer said...

You are just to cute:) I wish we lived closer:)

Pegsy said...

Yay, for chicken nuggets! What a great day! We didn't even START school till 10:30 a.m.! I'm glad you're feeling better a little better. Take care of yourself.

Charissa said...

I love it when that happens. It happens occasionally to us too. Amazing how much you can pack in when there's no interruptions.