Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have you ever tried...

Edy's Special Edition Peppermint ice cream??? It is sold in stores every year in December and I have been hooked for years. I look forward to December for so many reasons:
1) Christmas! It is always a joy to celebrate the birth of my Savior!
2) Peppermint ice cream
3) Egg nog
4) Christmas tree peppermint chewy candy (Brach's?)

The ice cream felt really good on my sore throat tonight. Ari is my Egg nog buddy!
I love the weather in December, too!


Julia said...

Ooooohh. You sound like my kind of girl! The Brach's Nougat trees are tradition around our house at Christmas time. We have to have them while Christmas shopping and in our stockings. Julia is my eggnog buddy. In fact she asked for it tonight. Joel can't stand the stuff. The peppermint ice cream sounds good, too! And, of course, praising our Savior is the greatest (and it is not fattening!)

Mindy said...

I bought some of those chewy peppermint candies today! mmmmm

Pegsy said...

I can see you're all about the peppermint! :-) It's one of my favourite's too! There's this candy cane ice cream that we can get at one of our grocery stores at Christmastime only - it is sooo yummy! Your post just reminded me of it - I'm going to "have" to pick some up!