Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Comparing the Arctic and Antarctica

We studied the Arctic a few weeks ago and this week we began studying Antarctica.  Today we were discussing a comparison between the two areas.  This is how it went...
Me:  Remember...Antarctica is at the South pole and that is where penguins live.  The Arctic is at the North pole and that is where...*Franklin interjects here****"Santa Claus lives!!!Hahahahahah!!!

He is a little too quick sometimes!!!  I'm glad he can crack himself up!  We had a great laugh and then I had to settle everyone down, so we could get back to school!

A discussion on hair dye

Lauren:  If I had blonde hair I would dye it red.  (she has brown hair, btw!)
Franklin:  Why don't you color your hair?
Lauren:  Mom says I can't until I grow up, move out, and have my own family. (hmmm...I don't remember this!)
Franklin:  Well, boys don't even dye their hair.
Lauren:  Yes they do!!!  They dye it pink or blue and spike it.

Sometimes I wonder where they come up with these things!  I love listening to their conversations!