Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it Christmas???

It feels like Christmas!!! No, it's not cold here! Someone passed on numerous bags of clothes for my boys! Most of them are going to Miles, but Franklin and Ari received some much needed shorts! This was a wonderful gift! Thank you Tonya and Heuss family for thinking of us! You have truly blessed us!

Franklin and Ari really needed some new shorts. Their denim shorts were beyond ragged! I had looked around, but couldn't find any since all of the Fall clothes are out now. It stays so hot here that was wondering what I was going to do until shorts came back out next Spring. Well, I guess God made shorts unavailable because he knew someone was about to bless us with several pair! Thank you, Lord! He is just as good in the little things!

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Jennifer said...

I love getting clothes:) Such a blessing! God is good