Friday, November 4, 2011

I love a great deal!

My mom always taught me to be a bargain shopper.  Anytime we went shopping we would go straight to the back of the the sale racks.  We were cheap frugal!  We were always dressed very well, but we never paid full price for anything!  Still, to this day, I refuse to pay full price for clothing.

I love the JC Penney coupon's we get in the mail that are "$10 off" with no minimum to purchase.  You can literally get something for free, as long as it is under $10.  I never buy jewelry for myself unless I have this coupon.  Every time I get this coupon I get super excited because I get to buy something for ME!  I cannot bring myself to waste money on jewelry, but if it's free...then count me in!  Last night I got the coolest necklace and earring set that were originally $18, marked down to 10.80, and my grand total was $0.85!  What a great deal?!

 I have another coupon for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more.  I don't usually use these, BUT Roger could use a few more sweaters this year, and they have a really great sweater marked from $49.99 down to $24.99, so I will get something small for someone else to get me up to $25 and I will get that $50 sweater for $15!  He is going to look so GOOD!

There is a consignment sale this week, too.  Lauren and I went last night and got some really great deals.  I got the cutest sweater for Ligon for $4, and GAP overalls for $2.  I also got Bethany a Christmas outfit for $3, and some dressy maternity pants for me for $5.  And lastly, I got Ari a pair of Timberland constuction boots for $10 that look practically new.  Later at the mall I found the same boots for $65!  Now, you see why "I love a great deal!"