Thursday, September 25, 2008

When nothing seems to go right

You know what I'm talking about...those days when nothing seems to go just right. Lacking sleep doesn't help, either!

Behavior was very poor this morning...especially for a certain three year old. Miles and Ari decided to color on themselves with markers, too. Ari was into everything this morning and doing everything he knows he is not supposed to do!!! Of course, Miles copies everything, so they are dudes with an agenda.

I went to an event in Roger's place this morning because we were invited and he already had a meeting on his agenda. I didn't exactly feel like going, but it turned out fine. I dropped all of the kids off at their grandma's house, while one of them complained about absolutely everything. I was hurt. :-( I teared up and told her that complaining was not pleasing to God, and makes me feel bad. I told the kids that I didn't want to hear anymore complaining and if I do hear more then I may have to make some new rules...if you complain about dinner then maybe you should go to your room and not eat...if you complain about the movie I choose for you to watch then maybe you should go to your room and not watch the movie...if you complain about your clothes then maybe I will choose your clothes from now on and not give you a choice.

I had gone to Walgreen's between the event and picking up the kids. We needed more tissues, nasal spray, Mucinex and a nasal aspirator. I got home and found out that I made it home with the tissues, but none of the stuff that really mattered. Aaaargh! I called Roger and he was able to go pick them up, but after going to the wrong Walgreen's, and bring them home to me. He is so busy, and I felt bad asking him.

Then, I couldn't get one of the humidifiers to work last night, but the other one worked great. Well, this afternoon neither of them were working. I was able to fix one, and I will work on the other one when Miles wakes up.

And the latest...I found a movie amidst our other movies that belongs to the public library and was due back August 16th!!! What??!!! I have never received a notice, and we have been checking out movies and books since then and no one has ever told me this had not been returned. This a $0.50 per day late fee. I don't even want to begin to figure out how much I owe!

Think positive, think positive, think positive...
I haven't caught what the kids have. :-) I haven't heaved in 2.5 days. :-) I get to go to a baby shower tomorrow night :-) The weather is absolutely gorgeous today! :-) I have a wonderful husband. :-) I am living out a dream...I get to be a mom...even on the hard days. :-) The day feels better already!!!

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Angela Moore said...

Ya know, this is when it stinks that I live so far away...Love ya girl! Hope the kiddos get to feeling better very soon.