Monday, September 29, 2008

Something else that works!

I love it when I find little things that promise big things...and actually work!!! So, here is another one for you...

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!! This thing works! Honestly, they should have me on their commercial! It is a little white sponge that you get wet and then watch the magic as you try to clean. This is what it has done for me so far:

Takes off:
Permanent marker from my solid wood dining table
Dirt off of textured handle on refrigerator, oven, cabinets, doors
Soap scum off the textured shower floor (no cleaner I have used can do this on my shower)
Handprints or dirt from hands off of walls
Crayon off the floor, table, and wall
Marker off the floor
Spray Paint/Graffiti off of Roger's campaign signs (Ha! We got it off, you thugs!!!)

This little, white sponge has worked on everything I have tried it on! It's magic!


Kimberly said...

ha ha, Kerry you crack me up! But you are right, i baby-sit full time now but on Fridays i still do house cleaning and the magic eraser is one of my favorite things to use! Josh also loves it, he never gets through "white glove check" at school without it, haha.

Jennifer said...

Happy to hear they work:) I just got one last week but have not tried it yet.

seabafive said...

Ahh the magic eraser!! I seriously one day just set out looking for what all i could clean with it. I think the thing that made me the happiest was when it took out black sharpie that Ethan had colored Raegan's swing (the slightly textured tray) with!!!

Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! You are going on my roll for sure! Congrats on another boy (maybe you should invest in dark brown carpet.... from the mud post!)

They do work great (Magic Erasers) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sol-u-mel from Melauca (or however you spell it) ... It even takes Sharpie off the wall (but not the paint)

seabafive said...

I've tagged you, see my blog.