Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lauren's cute hair

Lauren had been asking for a few days to get her hair cut. I talked to Roger about it yesterday and he said it was fine with him, so off we went to the salon after the two little guys woke up from their naps. We went to a cheaper salon because I didn't think it was necessary to spend $25-30 to get a cute bob on a six year old little girl. And, how hard could it be to do a chin-length bob?
I explained to the lady that I wanted her to cut it chin-length and taper it a little in the back...the typical trendy look. She asked if I wanted it longer in the front than in the back. I told her it could be a little longer, but I mostly wanted a straight around bob. I should have taken a picture before I took Lauren outside to "fix" her hair. It was two inches longer in the back than in the front. She parted it down the middle when she cut it...Lauren parts her hair on the side. It was uneven, and she didn't taper it at all. It looked terrible!
So, here is Lauren's new hair cut...a la Mommy! Lauren said, "Wow, Mommy! You did a much better job than that lady. You should cut hair." Yeah, I should have saved my money and just did it myself! Oh well.

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Jennifer said...

Well it looks great now! Good job mommy:)