Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boy or Girl???

I had a hard time sleeping last night! And, I know everyone is dying to know, so.....

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!

His name will be Ian (pronounced E-uhn). His middle name is still not determined. We are deciding between Ian Gabriel, and Ian Presley. Hmmmm....just don't know!

Lauren is disappointed, but hoping he will have dark hair and dark eyes just like her. That would be great! I was hoping to pass on my boy clothes and go shopping for a girl, but we are pretty much set. I told Lauren she could help me pick out some new blankies for Ian and a new teddy bear. I had to soften the news somehow for this poor little girl who wants a sister so badly!

After having two miscarriages in a row I am so happy to have this little boy growing inside me and kicking around so much. He is an active little guy! I have been feeling him move since 13-14 weeks, which is a great comfort. Now, I can't wait to see him!!!


Angela Moore said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for you.

seabafive said...

Congratulations! Lauren must be pretty special to be a big sister to 4 little brothers, though i'm sure there is some dissapointment for her. I personally am partial to Gabriel for the middle name (Ethan's middle name :)) He came along after 3 preg losses so i know the joy you are talking about with a healthy pregnancy after that!! We are happy for you guys!

Collin and Amanda said...

CONGRATS! How wonderful! I love your name choices. :) (We're naming our adopted son Ean ... we hope to adopt a second boy also who we will be naming Gabriel)

Thanks also for adding our button!

Amanda (RR)

Mandy said...

YEAH!!!! So happy for your family!
God Bless,

Julie said...


Jennifer B said...

Praise the Lord! We are delighted that we are able to call this young man by his name, Ian! You have quite a blessing that God has entrusted another boy to you and Roger to raise to be a Godly Man to bring the Lord much Glory and Praise. A dark-haired Shealy boy would be adorable, but then again, I love your kids immensely regardless of how they look! Pat your belly for me and tell Ian I said hello. I can't wait for face-to-face introductions in a few months!

Jennifer said...

Please tell Lauren not to give up God could still bless her one day with a sister:) I am happy to hear you are having a boy. All children are a blessing. Stop by my blog sometime.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!! Another adorable little boy on the way, then! Lauren will get that baby sister sometime. :)
I'm so glad for all of you, Kerry.
God bless,
Jean Marie

schoolmother said...

Congratulations on your exciting news! So glad your little one is active.