Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"What have you done?"

This was my question for my three oldest children this morning. And, I wasn't asking it in a nice tone of voice! They had been outside swinging (around 8:15 am)...or so I thought. We have a fenced yard, so I will let them go outside and swing by themselves sometimes. Miles is sick, so I was sitting on the couch cuddling him and watching Praise Baby. I see Franklin sneak through the house, but I thought maybe he was tiptoeing because his feet had gotten wet from the dew on the grass. Then...Lauren comes in with mud all over her and now all over my floor. I immediately jump up and ask where Ari is and run to Franklin's room to see mud on the carpet and wall as he is taking his muddy clothes off on his beige carpet. I tell him to go get in my bathtub, send Lauren to her bathtub and go outside to find the third muddy culprit. At this point, I am not a happy mommy! I get everyone cleaned up and the house vacuumed and ask all three parties, "What have you done?" Well, all fingers pointed at Lauren. The story goes something like this, "Well, we were swinging, but then it started to rain and Lauren found mud and started putting it down our shirts, so we started putting it on her pajamas." Lauren took all of the blame, and admitted that this was a bad thing to teach her brothers. We usually do baths at nighttime, but all three had baths before 8:30 this morning.
I finished cleaning everyone up, dried off and dressed just in time for Franklin to say, "Mommy, somebody pooped." Everyone is potty trained except Miles, so I knew who to look for. I pick up Miles to take him to his room to change him, but end up grabbing a leg full of poop (Yuck!). He had diarrhea that leaked from his diaper. So, I got him mostly cleaned up and off to the bathtub for a complete set of clean kids.
The day has actually been pretty smooth since then! Will it stay that way? Stay tuned...


Collin and Amanda said...

My goodness! What a morning! :)

Amanda (RR)

seabafive said...

Oh goodness Kerry, quite the morning! Sorry you have sick kiddos!