Thursday, September 18, 2008

A busy day

I'm tired. It has been a busy day. Our very kind babysitter came at 8:15 this morning, so I could get out the door to my doctor's appointment at 8:30 and sonogram at 9:00. Miles actually waved and said "Goodbye, mommy." What a surprise?! Thank you, Ginger, for being such a great babysitter!

I got home after seeing our new baby boy, brought everyone inside, said goodbye to Ginger and we started on school. We got most of our school work done and did a "quick clean" of the house. Then, it was time for lunch. I met a new Mary Kay lady a few days ago and she came over with some new foundation at 1:00, which was just after I put Miles and Ari down for a nap. Roger came home around 2:00 for a quick sandwich (he still had not had lunch yet), and then we finished school, and waited for two little visitors to show up at our house. We had an extra two year old (really special, cuddly, kissy little guy), and an extra 4 year old super hero until about 4:45. When there mom came to pick them up she took Franklin home with her to play more, and offered for others to come while I went to Target. Bless her heart!!! I dropped off Lauren at her house, she fed everyone dinner and let them play, I took Ari and Miles with me to Target to get a few things and a refill of Miles' Zantac, bought the boys a hot dog and walked over to a chinese place for a quick dinner for me. The boys were so good through dinner (not so much so through Target...little stinkers). So, one Target trip, two bathroom breaks, and a quick dinner later we picked up Lauren and Franklin, visited for a few minutes, and headed home to get everyone in bed.
Now, I am way behind on laundry! How did that happen??? I usually stay on top of laundry really well. So, I am doing laundry, and waiting for Roger to come home, but if he doesn't get home in the next 45 minutes he is going to see a sleeping wife. Did I mention that I am tired? I didn't sleep well last night because I was too excited for my sonogram today!


The Loux Family said...

Congratulations Kerry and Roger! Another boy, YAY!
That's so exciting!

My eyes filled up with tears when I saw on your blog that you are adopting Daisy.
We have been praying for her and trusting God to give her a family! We were so excited to see on RR that someone had committed to adopting her, and now to be in touch with that very person is just awesome! Wow, we would love to meet you and your precious family. Maybe we all have our kids from Ukraine, we can get together and spend some time together. Where are you all living now?
You can email me at

God bless you all!

Hugs from Kansas City!


Kerry Shealy said...

Actually, we aren't the ones adopting Daisy, but I added buttons for whoever wanted me to, so I could help spread the word about a lot of the adoptions through Reece's Rainbow.