Monday, April 27, 2009

The Shealy Five

A little update...

Lauren is turning seven this Thursday!!! It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant, overdue, and so excited to see her, and to especially see if she had hair(She did!). She is mostly done with first grade already with the exception of some reading. Yes, she is reading! She is so good at doing her schoolwork! Her newest interest is learning to sew.

Franklin is five. He is still working on kindergarten. We took a break for while because he didn't seem ready yet, but now he is ready, he loves it, and he is doing really well. He loves to read and learns to read words quickly! He is still into superheros and has a great imagination.

Ari will be four next month. Everything to Ari is about Daddy! He asks every morning if daddy can stay home and play. He pretends to be daddy every day and calls me "Kerry" and tells me what to do ("Mommy, I'll do _____, and then you need to do _____, and you call me Roger and I'll call you Kerry.").

Miles is two...and every bit of two. His sensory issues are so much better, and we are working through the tantrums. He speaks really well. He loves playing with his sister and brothers. He is constantly grabbing Lauren and Franklin and saying, "Let's go to Chuckee Cheese!", which is in his bedroom. He has also decided that he needs to be in every picture I take, so it is hard getting a picture of each of the kids by themselves!

Baby Ian will be three months next week. He is possibly our best baby yet! He is healthy, chubby, smiley, loves to coo, sleeps well, falls asleep on his own, and loved by everyone. The kids fight over who gets to talk to him. There have been no jealousy issues from any of the kids...they just truly love him! Blessing!

Roger is doing well. After losing the race for County Commission last November by 0.59% he is repeatedly asked what he will be running for next. I would love to see him in Congress someday, but I think that will be down the road. There are a few options, and I don't mean to keep you in suspense, but my lips are sealed! Actually, no decisions have been made yet! The next election will be in 2010, which is coming very quickly when we think about getting petitions signed to get his name on the ballet and campaigning. So, he will be running for something in either 2010 or 2012! Stay tuned!

Me...I feel like I have adjusted very well to having five children. Roger is a HUGE help! I have more laundry and lots of bottles to wash, but I really enjoy having my five little people! I just started my own little business. It is called "Lil' Arrow Baby Wraps." Email me for a picture if you haven't seen one yet. I get asked about my wraps constantly when I am out, so I began making them to sell. I sold three last week, have one on order, waiting to hear if someone wants another one, and handed out a business card to a lady at the grocery store yesterday who said, "I MUST have one of those!" I bought my own sewing machine, my mother-in-law is teaching me to sew, and I am having fun...and making money, too!

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