Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ian--Twelve Weeks...almost

Ian will be 12 weeks tomorrow! Tomorrow is Lauren's birthday, so the blog will be all about Lauren! Ian is doing great! His nights are extending and so is his body! He is getting his last bottle (6 ounces) at 9:30 and then begins his day around 7:00 the next morning. If he isn't awake I go ahead and wake him up, so I can keep him on a good schedule for the day. He is not only getting chubbier, but much longer, too! I put him in pj's last night that he used to swim in, but decided that it would be the last night he could wear them because they are too small. He is a happy little guy. When he gets tired he falls asleep quickly if I put him in my baby wrap, or he will just lay back in my arms and fall asleep, or I put him in bed and he sleeps until his next feeding. He is so easy! He doesn't like his pacifer anymore, and he hasn't found his thumb, so holding him is his only form of comfort, which I love to do anyway!

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