Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I think I got hit by a truck...or maybe a train?!

I was so sick last week that I felt like I had been hit by a truck...or a train! I had the flu. I got the flu shot last November, so maybe it helped shorten the length of time I had the flu. I would like to think I didn't get the flu shot for nothing!
It started Saturday night. I woke up in the night with a terrible sore throat. I didn't even have to swallow for it to hurt! Then Sunday it was a sore throat and terrible headache. And then it was Monday...I was SO sick! I thought I may have strep throat so I went to the doctor. He said I could have strep throat and definitely an ear infection, so he gave me an antibiotic. My body hurt really bad, I had a migraine, the glands in my neck were swollen and terribly painful (I could barely move my head), I had a fever, chills, sweats, and I was nauseous. The doctor also gave me a prescription pain killer because I had been taking Tylenol and Motrin and nothing was taking away the body aches or migraine. I woke up Tuesday and felt just as bad and then it struck me...I wonder if this could be the flu! I looked on line and had almost every symptom, so I think it was the flu!
I was so sick that I didn't even feel like taking care of Ian. Roger stayed home Monday and took care of everyone. I was really afraid of giving it to Ian, too. Anyway, Lauren got to feed Ian a bottle for the first time. She was so happy to do this! My mother-in-law took care of the older boys the next two days while Roger went to work and Lauren stayed home to take care of me and Ian. She really wanted to stay home and help...and she was a HUGE help. She came in to ask if I needed water or if there was anything she could do for me. So sweet! I would get up every three hours and feed Ian, then I would put him in his bouncy seat and Lauren would take care of him until it was time for him to eat again. He's at a really easy age right now. Roger is going to take Lauren out to dinner soon to show her our appreciation!

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