Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ian--Ten Weeks Old

Ian is ten weeks old! I am so in love with this little guy! He coos and smiles, and is just so sweet! He doesn't seem to like his pacifier too much anymore...he gags on it a lot. He hasn't found his thumb either, so I'm not sure what he will like to soothe himself. Lauren sucked her thumb, Franklin had a pacifier, Ari sucks his tongue, and Miles sucks his thumb, and they all have had blankies! We'll see what happens with Ian.
He still eats every three hours during the day. His nights are beginning to extend. He is ready for bed at 9:30, so he gets a bottle and falls quickly to sleep by 10:00 pm. Last night wasn't as lengthy...he woke up at 5:00 this morning, but the previous two nights he slept until 6:30 and 7:15. He still isn't a consistent sleeper, although he consistently sleeps through the night. During the day he is on a perfect schedule. He eats, falls asleep about 1.5 hours later, and wakes up to eat at his typical three hour feeding (beginning of one feeding to beginning of the next).
He looks more and more like Lauren all the time, but I know that could change, too!

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