Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More fun with school!

Today was a fun school day! Yesterday was, too! We have been talking about the discovery of America by the Vikings, where they came into contact with the Indians, and then the later discovery with Christopher Columbus. The kids are facinated by Indians, so we looked on line at what Indians look like, then the kids decided they wanted to dress like Indians...hence the crazy garb! And yes, Ari is wearing Lauren's tights...and no, I have no idea how that makes him an Indian! We also made the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria out of foil and set sail in the bathroom.
I love teaching my children!!! (at least most of the time)


Dana said...

You could incorporate math and music by singing, "1 little, 2 little...indians" and line the kids can get all the way to 5! :-) They are a cute bunch! Be sure to keep it "politically corrrect"!
They are "native Americans" honey!

mmmelissa said...

I love the boats..and the tights. Too cute.