Sunday, July 12, 2009

Failure to launch

The space shuttle and astronaut crew have been waiting to launch for quiet a while. It was another "failure to launch" because of the weather tonight. Roger's parents were parked with their RV down by the river, which is the BEST place to watch the launch, so we grabbed a few pizzas and met them at the river. The kids played in the water (I think it's nasty!), and had a really good time. The traffic was terrible. It didn't move for well over an hour, and it was raining, so we all went into the RV to wait. The kids were so tired, and kept asking when we could go home. They all fell asleep very quickly tonight!


Dana said...

Sounds like the kids had fun! Hey, I just posted on my blog again...aren't you proud of your big sister?

mmmelissa said...

But at least you had a camper with pizza and weren't stuck in traffic!
It sounds like a great day!