Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ian--Twenty four weeks + 3 days

Ian tried to roll over for the first time this week. He can't get his one arm out from underneath, but he'll get there soon enough. He gets stuck, though, and then he gets upset because he can't make it back over to his back, but his sucking thumb is stuck underneath, so he is in a jam.
His head is less wobbly. I still have to hold his back pretty well when I hold him, or he might fall back, but he is definitely getting stronger.
His eating and napping schedule is still the same. I need to weigh him. He feels heavy! He is still a very happy baby. I think he may be getting a tooth. I think I feel a little bump on the bottom. We'll see soon!

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John & Elisa Seaba said...

Look at those eyes!! So adorable!!