Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ian--Twenty three weeks + 2 days

Ian's eating schedule is still the same. He is eating the same amount and at the same times. His pediatrician told me at his 4 month well visit that I needed to start him on cereal by six months. That probably is not going to happen. He is doing fine without it, and he and I are going to Kansas the first week of August, so I am going to try to hold off until we get back. He will be just over 6 months by the time I start it. It would be so much easier if he is only on a bottle than on a bottle and cereal, too. We'll be spending a lot of time at the hospital (my dad is having surgery), so I would much rather find a place to heat up a bottle than to figure out how and where to mix cereal...and the mess that ensues.
His nap schedule is changing. He eats around 7:30 am and is ready for a nap at 9:00. Then he wakes up and eats at 10:30, but has been staying awake until his next feeding, which I sometimes have to bump up to 1:00 because he is getting too tired, and then he sleeps until his next feeding at 4:30. Then he may stay awake until his last feeding, or he'll take a little nap from 6:45-7:15, I wake him up, get him ready for bed, feed him, and he goes right to sleep.
Lauren had him giggling a lot yesterday. I need to get it on video. She loves to play with him!
As you can see from this weeks pictures...he loves to swing, and his sweet sister provided him with an audience on his high chair tray that he really enjoyed.
Thank you, Aunt Cami, for the new high chair!!!

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