Friday, July 10, 2009

Another blog

I have started another blog! Does that sound crazy?! Seriously, I won't be updating it very often, but I think it will do a lot of good for others in the future.

I am part of a Yahoo group called Reese's Rainbow. It is full of a bunch of wonderful families who have adopted a child with special needs internationally, or they are in the process of adopting now. You can check out some of the buttons on the side of my blog to see some of the children who will hopefully be coming home soon. Click on the Reese's Rainbow button, too, and find out more about what led me even deeper into the desire to adopt.

Roger and I would love to adopt a child with special needs. We have prayed about it a lot and even began the process right before I found out I was pregnant with Ian. It is terribly expensive to adopt, so I have decided to let at least part of the proceeds of the sales of my baby wraps to go toward other's adoptions, and hopefully to our own in the future. I also hope to add some other things on my blog to sell, as well. I hope to add cute and trendy baby blankets, and burp cloths, and dresses for little girls. I'm really excited about this new opportunity.

Check out my new blog and spread the word!

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