Friday, January 23, 2009

Updates all around...

Busy at work, and taking care of our family! He took care of everyone last weekend when I had a stomach virus! He and the kids built a fire pit for us to roast marshmallows, too. It has been a lot of fun.

Me: I had a doctor appointment this past Monday and my doctor scheduled my induction for next Thursday, the 29th. It was sooner than I expected, but her comment was, "Kerry, this is your fifth. You have never gone into labor on your own anyway. You already knew I wouldn't let you go to your due date because your last one was so big. So, why not?" So, there you have it! I am so excited and completely terrified at the same time. Labor is so painful, and women who say "you will forget the pain"...LIED! Seriously, it hurts!

Lauren: My little helper. She rinsed out all of our breakfast dishes this morning then asked if she could wash off the table and vacuum under the table. Then, she got another Lysol wipe and began wiping down the kitchen cabinets! Now, she can't wait to change Ian's diaper, and she hopes to feed him a bottle!

Franklin: Working hard on writing his letters. We've had some struggles, but he has been doing better lately. He loves to read! He just finished learning the books of the New Testament!

Ari: Still a cute, funny little guy. He loves being a daddy's boy right now. He wants to do everything Roger does, and can't wait for Saturday's, so he can spend the day with daddy.

Miles: Oh boy! He learned to climb out of his crib! This is NOT a good thing. It means he gets up several times in the night. He got up at 6:00 the other morning, headed straight to Lauren's room, climbed up in her bed, sat right next to her head and yelled, "ONE, TWO, THREE...WAKE UP JEFF!!!" This is a famous line from The Wiggles. It was so funny! I moved the table that was next to his bed, and that seems to have prevented him from climbing out of his bed...for now!
He had an appointment with an allergist yesterday. The milk allergy looked minimal, but I was told it doesn't matter what reaction you get during's the reaction you get when he drinks milk. So, since his eczema gets much worse with the more milk products he has we know he is still allergic to milk. And, we found out he is allergic to eggs. I wondered about it, but didn't expect the reaction he got during testing, so this is good to know. We won't completely eliminate eggs from his diet, but he won't be eating scrambled eggs anymore.

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Pegsy said...

Thanks for the update! I agree with you about labour pain - you definitely do not forget! I was so traumatized after Sara that I never wanted another one! And I've heard that induction is even worse. Out of 6 babies, my mom was induced for at least 4, if not 5 of them. She said it's fast, but so much more painful! I'll be praying.