Monday, January 26, 2009

Only three more days...

I had my last doctor appointment today before Ian gets here. I was still only dilated to a one, and hadn't made any more progress. That was disappointing. He is still really high, which is normal for me. His hand was above his head, so my doctor wants to do a sonogram Thursday morning before she induces to make sure his hand has moved. He can't come out hand first! He still has room to move, so I think he will move before Thursday.

Please pray that everything will go as planned on Thursday...and more quickly than usual. I have to be at the hospital at 8:00, but my doctor won't be there until 9:00 and then she has to do the sonogram before using Misopristol to induce. If the Misopristol doesn't work she said she would send me home and try again the next week. NO! I don't want to go home without my baby in my arms! So, please pray that he comes this Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

What if his hand is still above his head on Thursday? Will they just wait another week? I hope he is ready on Thursday and things move along quickly! Praying for you!