Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do you have a passion?

Have you ever felt so passionately about something that you ache inside? That's the way I feel about adoption. I literally ache inside to adopt a child. Roger and I had tried to adopt a baby girl with Down Syndrome from Haiti right before we found out we were pregnant with Ian. Haiti would not allow us to adopt her because of the size of our family, but the passion to adopt remains the same in me. Roger and I feel led by God to adopt a child with special needs in the future. I wish I knew when that could be!

Please visit! You can view pictures of many children who are waiting to be adopted. I know that everyone is not called to adopt, but we are called to "care for the orphans." What can you do? This is actually a very easy question to answer! You can become a Prayer Warrior for one of the children through Reece's Rainbow. All you have to do is sign up! You will receive email updates about the ministry, which includes updates on children who will be coming home! You will also receive a picture of the child you will be asked to pray for daily. We pray for a little boy named Zhora! You can also donate money to the adoption fund of the child you are praying for, or any other child. There are numerous families trying to raise funds to bring home children, so you could also donate money to help them bring their child/ren home!
See how easy it is?!

Would you ask today, "Lord, what do you want ME to do?"


Anonymous said...

It really does tug at the heartstrings when you see those little faces. I do wonder if it may be in our future someday. If not to take in a child, maybe to financially help others bring some of them home! Love, Dana

Jamey & Angela Moore said...

I am feeling your pain. Jamey and I found out Friday that we can't even begin the pre=application process until we have been married for 1 complete year. I know it's not far away, but by that time, we could atleast have our homestudy done. What about Ethopia? Their country rules are not nearly as strict at Hati?

Pegsy said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. This is a great way to get involved!

lynettewillis said...

I feel fairly confident God is not done adding to our family. I have such a passion to have more. I just don't know how and when. I would love to have a clear revelation.