Thursday, January 8, 2009

A lesson in gratefulness...from a 3 year old???

Ari is only three, but he is the most grateful person I know! He is so grateful when I clean his bathroom. He will thank me over and over. He is grateful when I wash his clothes. He is grateful when he gets to take a bubble bath. He is especially grateful when I give him his chocolate milk each morning.
Roger had been trying to fix the kids toilet for the past three evenings, but with a lot of frustration. The kids were bummed they couldn't use their bathroom. Roger stayed home from church last night to, once again, work on the toilet. As soon as we got home I said, "Daddy's home!" They all began asking if the toilet was fixed, so I told them to go in and ask daddy. Ari came running out to me yelling excitedly, "Daddy fixed my toilet!!! I get to go potty in MY toilet!!! Thank you so much!" I told him to go tell daddy, so he ran down the hallway saying, "Oh, Daddy, thank you so much for fixing my toilet! Thank you for fixing it, so I can go potty in MY toilet! Thank you so much, Daddy!"
Wow! That is one grateful kid! He is going to be a blessing to a wife someday! Shouldn't we all be grateful for the "little" things? Even a fixed toilet?!

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Jennifer said...

Your right we should be more grateful :) I hope Sean will feel that way.