Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Potty Time

This is what we do while we wait for Miles to go potty on the toilet. We sing and read books, too! I have to do whatever I can to keep him on the toilet until he goes. He has been holding it for a long time and even stayed dry for 2.5 hours during his nap this afternoon! We just finished our third day of potty training, and I think he is going to get it! He did much better today, but still leaves his mark here and there, and left a big mark in the bath tub today...yuck! If things keep going the way they have the past few days Miles may end up being my easiest boy to potty train, which would be nice since he has been the most difficult in every other area! He's a cutie!


Laurie said...

I hope it continues to go well! I need your tips for training little boys since it will be a first for me there. But it will be a few months yet. :)

Jennifer said...

Sean enjoyed your clip :) We sit on his potty seat a few times a day. We have gone a few times:)