Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dedicating Miles and Ian

We had wonderful service at our church this morning! We had a dedication ceremony for Miles and Ian. They were both so good during the service. I sang...and made it through without crying! Dedicating our children does not ensure their salvation. The purpose is to show our church family that we desire to raise our chilren for the glory of the Lord, and to ask them to hold us accountable!

Today was extra special because we found out our dear friends, Tracy and Kaley, are expecting their first baby. We have prayed for them, daily, for years and are so happy/excited/thrilled/overjoyed to rejoice with them! I actually shouted in church this morning when we heard the news! I couldn't contain myself!!!


Jamey and Angela Moore said...

Baby dedications are such a blessing to watch. And even more special on Mother's or Father's day. Thats so exciting news about Tracy and Kaley.

Jennifer said...

What a great thing to do on mothers day!

Laurie said...

What a special day!!!! Awesome!