Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ian--Fifteen Weeks

Last week was busy, so I didn't do Ian's weekly update. The main reason I do a weekly update is to keep a journal for myself, and for any other new moms who may want to know what their baby may be doing at certain weeks and months. And, if we have another baby I can go back and read about Ian as a reminder of what I was doing...and what he was doing.
Ian spent his first night in a hotel on his fifteen week birthday. Roger and I spent a night in Orlando and went to the homeschool conference. I don't think we have had a night away since I was pregnant with Franklin...that was 6 years ago! Ian did pretty well. I learned that he won't drink a bottle unless it is warm, so I had to figure out ways to get his water warm throughout the night and following day. He had a hard time going to sleep in his hotel crib, but after I warmed another bottle he finally drifted off to sleep and slept until after 8:00 the next morning. I carried him in my baby wrap during the conference, so he got a lot of mommy cuddle time, and comfy naps.
Now, onto where he actually is today...Sixteen weeks!

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