Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teaching manners...Asking for things politely

When my children want something, I don't want them to say, "I want this," or "Get this for me."  My desire is that they ask nicely and politely, with what I consider good manners.  For my older children, who have years of experience with manners, they still forget to ask correctly.  My response when they don't ask with good manners is, "No," and then I follow it up with this: "If you would like to ask correctly I might reconsider."  This is not said firmly!  I'm not a harsh mommy!  It is said more jokingly, but in a way that they know they need to go back and ask again.

So, how do I teach manners in the early years?  With chocolate, of course!  I was just working with my three littlest children and trying to teach them how to ask politely.  Before each of them would get a piece of chocolate they would ask, "May I have a piece of chocolate, please?"  Then, they were told to wait to ask for another piece until the last piece was chewed and swallowed because my five year old reminded everyone that "we don't talk with food in our mouths," which cracked me up because he said it with a mouth full of chocolate.

See?  Teaching manners can be fun and delicious!!!  Of course, it will take many, many, many reminders in the coming years, but in the future I see myself with young adults who are respectful, kind, and very polite. At least, I hope so!

Next post...Teaching Obedience!

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