Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ian--Seventeen Weeks (one day before 4 months!)

Ian will be four months old tomorrow! I weighed him on a friend's baby scale yesterday and he weighed a little over 16 pounds. Sixteen pounds???!!! Oh my!
He still eats 6-7 ounces every 3-3.5 hours during the day. He drinks his last bottle at 7:30, goes to bed, and gets up around 7:00 (sometimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later) in the morning.
Miles was ready to move to a big bed, so I set up the bunkbeds in Lauren's room on Tuesday, moved the crib mattress up for Ian, switched clothes to the appropriate rooms, and did the big switcheroo! Ian loves his crib and sleeps very well in this "new" room. Miles is really happy, with his new bed, too!


Pegsy said...

What an adorable little guy you have! I just love those cheeks! You were busy on Tuesday...I can't imagine doing that all in one day! Go Kerry!

John & Elisa Seaba said...

He's getting so big...what a cool little dude with his shades :)