Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ian--Nineteen Weeks Old + 2 days

Look at the first picture of Ian's sad face. That is the face he has had a lot the past week. He is usually such a happy little guy...but not right now. He had a fever for three days this week and it even got to 103.5. His tummy has been hurting him and I have been changing some nasty diapers. I think he may have a stomach virus. He was up at 5:00 this morning and was not too happy. I cuddled him and gave him a bottle and he went back to sleep. I feel so bad for him. It's so hard when they can't tell you what is wrong, so you don't know what to do to help them.
He's been having a hard time taking naps, as well.
On another note...Ian went to the beach for the first time Thursday. He was fussy, so he didn't care about it, but at least he was there. My friend, Nicole, who I grew up with was vacationing in Daytona Beach, so we met up with her and her husband and their families and had a fun time on the beach.
Poor little Ian...:-(

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John & Elisa Seaba said...

poor guy! But i'm glad to see in your next post that he is feeling better! Even though it's a sad face in that first picture, it's pretty cute :)