Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coach or Biggest Fan?

When it comes to your children...are you their coach, or their biggest fan


Are you constantly barking commands?  Do you find yourself comparing your children to other children?  Are you always trying to "teach" them something, or correct them?  Do you always point out what you like about other children, or praise another child's behavior?

Biggest fan...

Do you try to encourage your children with their goals and ambitions?  How often do you tell your children how proud you are of them?  Do you tell them how beautiful/handsome they are?  How often do you compliment them? Do you praise their good behavior?

Communication is so important!  The kind of communication you use is even more important! 

We can bark at them when they disobey, or we can encourage them to obey.  We can remind them of the good behavior of another child, or we can praise them for their good behavior every chance we get.  We can comment on how beautiful another child is, or we can tell our children how beautiful they are...on the inside and the outside.

What can you say to your children to make them feel special today?
 Leave the coach on the sideline and become the biggest fan!

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