Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flexibility...going with the flow...a perfect example

So, the other day I wrote a post about our daily schedule, but wanted to be very clear that "flexibility" and "going with the flow" were very important, too.  Hmmmm....and then this morning happened...
I'll set the stage...
Breakfast was over.
I had just sent the kids upstairs to start on their jobs.
I changed Bethany and Ian's diapers.
I went to the kitchen to clean up from breakfast.
And then...flexibility and going with the flow joined my morning!
As I was putting the oatmeal away I knocked a brand new jar of blueberry syrup out of the cabinet.
SHATTER!!! A.very.serious.shatter.
A piece of glass popped up and cut my ankle.
Shards of glass went everywhere.
And then, of course, there was a whole bottle of sticky, syrup that had splattered on the cabinets, walls, refrigerator and for several feet over the floor, and on me, too.  Glass had scattered several feet across the floor, too.
So, here I am...38 + 2 days pregnant...walking like a duck through my kitchen (that should open my pelvis, right?!), picking up glass, and then trying to get all of the syrup wiped up.  And then, I vacuumed like crazy.  I just got a Dyson this weekend, so that part was kind of fun!  The vacuum worked really well!  And then, I mopped like crazy.

These were the thoughts going through my mind as I was cleaning up the mess:
I am so glad it was me, and not one of the kids!
I wonder if this floor will ever not be sticky again!  It is syrup, after all!
Is this considered a work out?  Maybe I don't need to do Zumba today.
Maybe all of this squatting and cleaning will give me some contractions...and then again, maybe not! 
Maybe it just isn't possible for me to go into labor on my own.
I sure hope I got all of that glass vacuumed up.  It really concerns me for the kids to walk through here and for Bethany to crawl in the kitchen over the next few days.

And in the middle of cleaning up glass and syrup I had to stop once to change a messy diaper, and another time to take care of a squabble.  I guess that's double, or maybe even triple flexibility today!

Now, on with our day...

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