Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preparing for Ligon

My due date is February 27th.  I have never gone into labor on my own.  I have always been induced late.  I won't go over a week overdue anymore because I have had meconium anytime I have gone more than a week overdue.  My doctor has said he would like to induce me between Feb 20th and March 5th.  I was planning on waiting until March 5th until...we found out that Roger has weekend meetings shortly after that.  I will have Roger's mom here to help me, and my parents are planning to come help for the weekend, too, but that was certainly not the original plan.  Me...seven kids...one being a newborn...and no daddy for an entire weekend...let's just say I'm a little kerflumped!  Yeah, I just made up that word because I couldn't think of another word that was appropriate!
So, I have gone from thinking I had 4 weeks to having the baby to now only having a little over two!  HYPERSPEED!!!  I hadn't even started on Ligon's burp cloths, or blankets.  I didn't even have fabric yet!  I have a lot of organizing left to do, but I got a lot done yesterday, I made a shopping trip last weekend for fabric, and I went into hyperspeed sewing Sunday afternoon and yesterday afternoon.  Here is the final result...

*click on the pictures to view better*

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